How To Add Neutral Tones to your Garden Space

Adding neutral tones to your garden space is an incredibly popular design trend. Gone are the days of using bright pastel seaside colours to decorate your environment, with this instead being replaced with more of a blank canvas for you to plan your garden designs on to. With more people populating their gardens with colourful wildflowers, neutral tones are an excellent way to create contrast and focal points to your outdoors. In this article, we will outline some interesting ways to incorporate neutral tones to your garden. Let’s take a look..

Creating Contrast

What colours are on trend changes from year to year, even from season to season. What doesn’t change are the rules of colour coordination and contrasting. Darker tones will always contrast and stand out against lighter details, and vice versa. Pairing a lighter floor with darker, more vibrant planting themes is an excellent way to draw attention to your garden.

This year, red, orange, and purple plants are in fashion, as both sunset and jewel-coloured flowers have proved to be incredibly popular sellers for florists and nurseries. These rich deep colours are darker tones and would contrast perfectly against a more neutral coloured floor.

Neutral Flooring

Using neutral coloured garden flooring is a simple, easy way to pair a more neutral tone with the more versatile colourful tones of a planting theme. Having a consistent neutral colour means you will be able to contrast your garden flooring with any kind of colour theme you implement in your garden space, even if you swap out what colours you focus on every year.

There are many different options available for garden flooring, and it really depends on what aesthetic you are aiming for and how much maintenance you can afford to look after it. Composite decking for example is extremely long lasting and very easy to clean, making it easier for a cool, neutral tone to remain a consistent fixture in your garden for years to come.

Garden Furniture

When choosing garden furniture for your outdoor space, you can either contrast the more neutral tones of your flooring with darker furniture, or do the opposite, pairing a darker decking theme with furniture painted with neutral colours.

A fun and cost-effective way to achieve a consistent garden colour theme is to simply repaint any existing furniture you may no longer want to keep indoors. “Upcycling” in this way is an easy way to stay on trend. Why not redecorate old furniture with some lighter, more earthy tones?

Additional Decorations

Another simple way of creating a sense of contrast is by decorating your garden space with floor coverings such as an outdoor rug or adding waterproof cushions to sit on top of garden furniture.

Adding more neutral additional decorations such as these perfectly contrast against a darker decking solution or more vibrant planting themes.

On the flipside, adding darker cushions or rugs will also contrast if your garden flooring has a more neutral tone. Whatever design you decide to choose, buying a series of rugs and cushions that match each other can easily help to imply a feeling of consistency and continuity in your garden space, helping your garden feel more professionally designed and considered.

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