How to Plan and Organize a Business Move

Going through any kind of moving experience can be challenging. It’s a completely new and uncharted territory that you need to go through quite flawlessly in order to succeed. If you’re going through a domestic renovation. there’s definitely some room for mistakes. On the other hand, if you want to plan and organize a business move, you have to be much more careful. There’s so much more responsibility that you’re going to feel since it’s not only your experience at stake. That being said, feeling overwhelmed before you’ve even started surely won’t do you any good. Take some time, collect your thoughts, and get to planning.

Make an announcement about the move

One of the first things you’ll want to do, even before your start planning and organizing your business move, is to make sure that everyone’s been informed. Don’t wait until you’ve already started to tell everyone. Talk to your employees about it. Communication is key if you want things to go smoothly.

Once you make the announcement, gather everyone in a meeting and create a timeline. Being completely familiar with everyone’s schedules will make organizing and planning the upcoming business move much easier. You’ll know when you’ll be able to rely on whom.


Planning and organizing a business move isn’t something that you should start before telling all your employees.

A person standing in an office with their employees and making an announcement about starting to organize and plan a business move.

Write everything down to plan and organize a business move efficiently

Even though it’s a boring and seemingly wasteful process, you won’t regret it. Create a list where you’ll organize and state all the plans of the business move. You should also make a list of everything you’ll come to need. This is one of the key elements in ensuring that your moving day is a success. Once the going gets tough and you’re in a hurry, which will inevitably happen, you’ll have a clear outline and reference to your next step.

Establish a clear budget

Something that should go hand in hand with creating a list is settling on a budget. Contact whoever you need to to be sure of what your limits are. You should do this prior to hiring a moving company so that you can freely make deals and not have to wing anything as you go along.


Hire a trustworthy relocation company

One of the most important things you’ll do while you plan and organize a business move is hiring a company to help guide you. While there are numerous companies that you can choose from, you shouldn’t make this decision lightly. Hiring ProMoversMiami or a company of a similar caliber will ensure a safe high-quality move no matter the distance.

How to find good movers

One of the best ways to search for a good company is surely word of mouth. However, if you’re not able to get information from the people close to you, you can always do your own research. Reviews are a good and trustworthy way to find out some info on the company you want to hire. Just make sure to look thoroughly through them. After managing to find some promising candidates, ask your movers these questions to get a better sense of whether they’re a good fit

  • Demand that they’re clear and upfront about the price
  • Is there anything else that I could get within this package?
  • Ask for any extra services that you need
  • Remember – no question is too detailed

Pack your important documents in a box before placing them someplace safe.

A person packing their documents in a box before putting them in a safe place.


Pack as soon as possible

Don’t put off packing. Make sure to start planning how and when you’ll pack as soon as you have your detailed inventory. One of the most dreaded parts of packing is finding storage solutions. Especially when you’re trying to plan and organize a business move, you need to find a safe way to do this. If your moving company offers this service, that’s amazing. Simply go over all the specifics with them. If, on the other hand, you need to do this yourself, make sure to be thorough.

Not only do you need to find a reliable place, but you should also use equipment that’s suited to your needs. Try not to store important documents in ordinary boxes since there could be a case of flood or fire. In order to have a certain peace of mind, you should get insurance.

Don’t take everything upon yourself

While planning and organizing a business move is a big deal, you shouldn’t take all of it on yourself. Try to distribute different responsibilities and chores to different employees as well as you can. Here are some chores that people tend to overlook.

  • Make a list of everyone that needs to be informed of your new location.
  • Make a very detailed inventory of everything that you’ll be moving.
  • Try to organize working hours in accordance with the upcoming move and give everyone some time to breathe. This way, everyone can help organize and plan a business move
  • Make sure that the new location is ready to move into.
  • Have people who you trust on site. Get trustworthy employees to oversee the whole thing.
  • Make a separate mailing address for this purpose only.
  • Organize and decorate the office together.
  • Get some welcome packets for everyone once you’ve relocated and throw a welcome party.

Gather the whole office to organize and plan the details of your business move.

An office meeting about planning and organizing a business relocation.


Try not to make mistakes

There’s plenty of moving mistakes that you’ll want to try to avoid. Here are some of them.

  • Being overconfident
    Try to stay humble and grounded, it’ll keep you on the right track.
  • Falling victim to procrastination
    Organize and plan the business move well enough so that you can simply do your daily tasks and be done with them.
  • Thinking that you can wing the planning and organization of a business move
  • Not giving your moving company choice enough thought
    Make sure to think through everything before settling on a definite decision.
  • Trusting the wrong people to plan and organize a business move
    Although you’ve doubtlessly hired the right people in the first place, this is a bit different. Not everyone has a knack for organizing and planning a business move.

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