Tampa….When You Are Looking For A Fantastic Vacation Destination 

Tampa, Florida offers a variety of vacation ideas for people looking forward to fun and quality ways to spend vacations. People from all walks of life are well catered for in terms of the architecture, landmarks, culture, beautiful sceneries, welcoming people and their affordable accommodations. In Tampa you will never lack fun filled activities.

For Fishing Enthusiasts

Outdoor recreational activities that are found will make any person want to visit Tampa for the best experience; there are a lot of aquatic activities such as the Poseidon Fishing Charters Tampa. This is the perfect way to spend your vacation if you are an outdoor enthusiast as it offers you the best relaxation that vacation requires. You get to sight see the beautiful beaches, dolphin sightings when they are porpoising, dining at the waterfronts and fishing.

A place like Poseidon Fishing Charters Tampa offers the best experience for fishing enthusiasts as they offer the best way to do it which matches expectations of anybody thinking of vacation. From professional fishermen and women to anybody willing to try Tampa offers that opportunity in ways that create fun memories, visitors are provided with tools, safety equipment, beverages, snacks and guides. Tampa Bay offers a variety of ideas for fun lovers as it is well known for being a natural harbour, one gets to experience the ocean as it is close to the Gulf of Mexico and Florida.

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City Lovers

Tampa is known for its cultural blend which connects visitors from all parts of the world and makes them feel at home. The urban life consists of the Cuba cigar-rolling industry which is now renowned with lively music, cocktails and late-night dancing, fusion cuisine dining options, cocktail and beer bars, regular festivals, concerts, events, restaurants, business and affordable accommodation which matches the different needs and tastes of families and friends.

Regardless of your expectations for fun activities Tampa has got you covered as it is designed to match different expectations.

Outdoor Activities

Tampa is alive with parks including Tampa Riverwalk which is part of the reasons you should visit, paddling along the beautiful rivers, watching pro football and hockey games, riding a thrill-coaster, hiking, biking among many other fun filled activities.

With beautiful sceneries, gardens and grounds expect quality time for you and your family and friends.

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Strolling alone along the trails of Tampa offers you the perfect opportunity to experience the beauty of nature. From the serene surroundings, breathtaking different species of birds, turtles that pop-up, lazy gators, occasional manatee in their sanctuary, gentle giants, white ibis among other features.

Visitors get to experience the best adventure from the visits to Tampa’s museums and parks, Busch gardens for rides, shows and exhibitions, Adventure Island, Tampa Museum Art, Glazers Children’s Museum just to mention a few.

A visit to Tampa’s Museum of Art gives you an opportunity to experience a wide variety of modern, classical and contemporary pieces of renowned artists worldwide such as Renoir, Degas, Picasso and Lichtenstein.

Hillsborough River offers the best eco-tourism adventure by boarding the Pirate Water Taxi which offers visitors a boat ride up and down the river making around 15 stops throughout the journey and along the river walk.

Education On Vacation

The Glazer Children’s Museum offers children an opportunity to learn a lot as it contains hands-on exhibits for children of all ages. Children get to learn banking and commerce at the Museum’s Central Bank exhibit, engineering from Engineer’s workshop and Arts at the Art Smart area.

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Tampa’s Tasty Food

A vacation cannot be complete without a taste of the local delicacy, as the saying goes ‘ You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together’.

Some of the tastiest meals to try out include:

  • Cuban Sandwich or a Cubano is very common and it comprise pork, house-made pickles, cheese, good mustard and bread.
  • Southern-Style BBQ for the chicken and pork lovers , it is a smoked brisket of chicken and pork with vinegar sauce.
  • Deviled crab is a delicacy to sample considering the proximity to the sea, it is worth to sample some of the sea food.
  •  Empanadas is also another one of the favorite dish among the locals which consist of ground beef, onions and green bell peppers. It is very easy to make as it is filled with anything sweet.
  • Italian dishes originally from Italy are also another favourite among the locals as it is made from meatballs and rice balls.

Best Movie Experience

Any visit to Tampa for movie lovers cannot be complete without sampling the drive-in movie theatres which are designed to give you an old fashioned movie night experience of a lifetime.

Each theatre offers its own unique features to give the audience something to make them want to experience again not to mention they are very affordable for family and friends.

Some of the movie theatres to check out are Fun-Lan Drive-In, Ruskin Family Drive-In, Joy-Lan Drive-In, Silvermoon Drive-In among others. Also worth checking out is the Tampa Theatre which offers backstage tours and film series to its audience.

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Historic Lessons

We cannot understand and plan for the future without understanding our past therefore a vacation in Tampa offers you the perfect lessons about the history of the United States.

Vacation in Tampa will educate your children to appreciate the historical advancements of human beings in terms of culture, economy and development, by making a visit to the Heritage Village one will learn about the historic church, schools, general store, railroad depot and homes.

A visit to the American Victory Ship which is a 455-foot marine vessel will give you an outlook on the kind of vessels that were used during the Vietnam and Korean wars. Another reason to choose Tampa as your number one vacation destination is the educational experience you will get from visiting Florida Holocaust Museum where artefacts that were used by the Nazis to ferry Jews and other prisoners to Auschwitz and Treblinka are found.

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