4 Youngest Bitcoin Millionaires in the World

It is human nature to strive to provide better living conditions for oneself and one’s family. In addition to regular jobs, many try to earn extra money. Investing in cryptocurrencies is, in addition to gambling, one of the most common. What is it really about?

There are currently several thousand different cryptocurrencies. It is virtual money that exists only in digital form. Each of these currencies has a different value. The most famous is Bitcoin, although there are many other valuable mentions – Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, and many other currencies. Still, Bitcoin has been a leader since its inception and even those who know nothing about digital money have certainly heard of it.

Bitcoin is a currency that was created 13 years ago. It was created by a group of people hidden under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Although at the very beginning its value was insignificant ($ 0.03) and the forecasts were not very good, the value of this currency began to rise sharply. When equated with the US dollar, it was considered to have peaked. However, it is not, because today its value is more than $ 57,000.00! No wonder people are increasingly deciding to invest in it! We already know that the world’s millionaires are happy to invest in Bitcoin. We know that the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, recently invested an incredible amount of money in Bitcoin, after which its value jumped rapidly. He’s not the only millionaire to recognize the benefits of investing in digital money, but what about those who weren’t millionaires until they started investing? In this article, we will introduce you to a few young people who have become millionaires in a very short time, investing in bitcoin, of course.

1. Erik Finman

Source: Instagram

When we talk about young millionaires, this is the name we often hear first – Eric Finman. It is about a boy who, as a twelve-year-old, wanted to leave school today because he thought that he could not learn anything useful there. His parents, highly educated people did not want to hear a word about it. Eric, on the other hand, believed that he could learn much more on his own, thanks to the modern technology of the present. He bet his parents that he would become a millionaire by his 18th birthday, and if that happened, they would in turn allow him to leave school. Believing it was impossible to achieve, they agreed to the bet. When he received $ 1,000 from his grandmother as a birthday present, instead of investing it in education, he invested it in Bitcoin at a time when its value was $ 10. In a very short time, the value of Bitcoin has risen significantly and its $ 1,000 has now had a value over $ 4,000,000.00. He has also launched a website that provides quality and interesting lecturers who go through the standard school curriculum unusually. The site became very successful, and after some time, he sold it for another 300 bitcoins.

2. Daniel Colosi

Source: Instagram

Daniel Colosi is a young man who has worked as a construction worker for years. He started investing in cryptocurrencies in 2018 when he invested $ 5,000. after a few months, the value of his investment was $ 200,000! This young man lies that he believes that he will soon become a millionaire. For now, they are entering cryptocurrencies and enjoying exotic travels around the world.

3. Eddy Zillan

Source: Instagram

As a teenager, Eddy taught tennis. He kept all the money he earned. At age 18, the amount in his bank account was $ 12,000. He decided to take a risk and invest in bitcoin. After three years, he had a million dollars in his account. This young man also founded his own company Cryptocurrency Financial, and in investment circles, he is also known as the Wolf of Wall Street.

4. Rowan Hill

Source: Instagram

If you think you can’t retire in your early twenties, you’re wrong. This young man worked in a mine. Eager for change and better living conditions, he began to enter cryptocurrencies. In a very short time, he left his job in the mine and became rich thanks to bitcoin. Today, he can afford a comfortable life and enjoy traveling around the world.

How to start earning?

The first step you need to take is to secure a crypto wallet. It is a digital wallet that will keep your money safe. The main division of crypto wallets is into cold and hot. A cold wallet keeps your money on hardware, which means it is protected from hacker attacks. A hot wallet is more exposed to attacks, but it is financially acceptable and is, therefore, a reason for frequent use.

The next step is to buy cryptocurrency. You can buy bitcoins at an exchange office or through an ATM. Many investors claim that buying cryptocurrencies through ATMs is easier and faster.

There are two main ways you can increase your bank account – trading and mining. Trading is a quick way to make money, while mining is a bit more time-consuming, but definitely a worthwhile process. What makes mining different is the equipment you need, the hardware you can’t start without. For many, this, as well as high electricity bills, is enough to repel them and reorient them to trading for which you need nothing but a platform.

Another very useful thing is the applications that make trading easier for you. These are applications that will do all the work for you, thanks to artificial intelligence that detects changes in the market. This is very useful if you do not want to spend your free time looking at the screen while knowing that someone else is doing a great job for you. On thebitqtapp.com/de/login you can learn more about it.

Final thoughts

The era of digital money is just ahead of us, so we would say that this is a very smart investment. Of course, if you enter smartly. Beware of many scams, trade only on trusted platforms, and never forget the golden rule – invest only as much as you are willing to lose.

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