Top 10 Slot Machine Wins of All Time

Slot machines are probably the most popular way of gambling and the easiest ones. There are very few people on the earth that haven’t at least once played slots and found them interesting or appealing.

Slot machines, although easy to play, can give back huge sums of money to those who play on them. Believe it or not, some of the world’s biggest jackpots and wins came to form a slot machine. Most of us think that payout on these is not too big because there are slots that pay pennies to those that have a minimum of a dollar to tens of dollars.

The biggest payout slots are the progressive ones that are a bit volatile but if you have the luck and if the RNG God falls in your grace you will win, and you will win big.

Today’s article will tell you about the top 10 wins of all time, and the wins come from slot machines. If we managed to miss on some read this article and get the full info. Today you will see ten sums that will blow your mind and show you that slots shouldn’t be that much underrated when it comes to payouts. Let’s begin, shall we?!

Source: Borgata

1. Cellphone jackpot

Now there is something about gambling on the phone. It’s fast, easy, you can take it wherever you want or need without making a break. This is exactly what happened to a gambler known by initial D.P. only. This man or woman won $11.6 million playing a slot game on their android smartphone. The win came from a Mega Moolah slot game and so far this is the biggest jackpot that was won on a mobile device to this day.

2. Birthday in Las Vegas

Where else to start than in the gambling capital – Las Vegas. This iconic city brought many of us two things – tears of joy and tears of sorrow. Depending on your luck you will most likely experience one of these! Now this story revolves around a woman who came to LV for a birthday party. After the party was done and before returning to her room this unnamed woman stopped by a slot machine to try her luck. Believe it or not, for only a few dollars this woman managed to hit a jackpot on a random slot machine. To her amaze after few rounds she managed to hit a jackpot that was $12.7 million and it was all hers. Now isn’t that a great way to finish off a birthday party, and start an even better after-party as well?!

Source: Wccc 2018

3. Lucky online slots

Since we all can’t enjoy the beauty of what is Las Vegas, we have to settle with online gambling. Not that is bad, not at all, but there is something to live gambling inside of the full hall of people and machines. Now this story is covering Jon Haywood a 26-year-old veteran who logged on to his online gambling account and after investing only 25 pence got to a whopping £13.2 million. Yes, you read right! Measly 25 pence brought him millions! What a lucky guy. He played a progressive slot game made by Microgaming, and it was his first-ever jackpot, and most of it went to good use – medical bills for his father’s expensive treatment.

4. Online slots pay good money

This is probably the biggest winning an online slot game has ever paid out and it came to a gambler that just 25 minutes before this big win opened the gambling account. Now, is that luck or what?! I have an online gambling account old as far as 10 years now and I haven’t got a fraction of his win this whole time! This guy didn’t put down much money because he wanted to have some fun, and after a short period of fun he ended up with €17.87 million. He bought himself an expensive car and took his family on a Mediterranean cruise.

Source: Rosen

5. Age doesn’t matter

If you think that age has anything with the luck or possibility to win then you are wrong. This next story is about a 92-year-old veteran that managed to snag a $21 million jackpot. To make things even crazier is that this was not his first win. This old gentleman visited the same casino 12 years before when he won $4.6 million and now again in 92 won another $21 million at the same Megabucks slot machine. As we managed to find out his first winning, as well as secondary ones, were put to good use. With the first one he traveled the world and with the second winnings, he gave a good portion to the Hurricane Katrina victims.

6. If poker doesn’t pay, try slots

This story comes from Finland where a local poker player decided to take a shot at an online slot machine and ended up with $25 million in his pockets. He decided to try his luck with online slots and he invested the minimum bet which was 25 cents. After he managed to fight his way to a bonus round his winnings increased from there exponentially and eventually lead him to the $25 million jackpot. Can you believe it?!

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7. Mistake for the books

A retired flight attendant decided to visit Sin City and have some fun gambling. Little did she know that the fun weekend in LV will make her very rich and very famous for one thing. This lady played for some time and in the stroke of lack of attention, she placed a $300 wager instead of a $100 one. This was all the machine needed to trigger its jackpot and award this lady with a whopping $27.5 million. Now let someone please tell me that a mistake can cost you dearly!

8. The shift ended but her life just started

Now, this is a famous story from some time in the 2000s I believe. A cocktail waitress Cynthia just finished her long shift and decided to unwind with a game or two on the slots machine. She ended up spinning a few rounds until she hit the jackpot that brought her a whopping $34.9 million. Wasn’t this the luckiest waitress you ever heard of? I mean is anyone of you out there so lucky that you simply decide to hit the slots after a long shift and hit this big of a win?! I know mine isn’t.

Source: Throwbacks

9. Bet big and win even bigger

Las Vegas is again at the center spot of happenings, nothing out of the ordinary of course. A software developer or something like that managed to win a huge jackpot in LV, only this time this was a high roller. This guy came to LV with the sole purpose to try his luck gambling and after a few spins with a $100 per spin he managed to win the biggest in an LV casino to that date – a mind-blowing $39 million.

10. New York conundrum

This is a somewhat still unconfirmed winning but we have to inform you since it still came from a slot machine. Katrina Bookman decided to spend a weekend gambling in one of NY’s casino resorts. She opted for the Sphinx machine and started playing on it. After some time, she heard the noise everyone’s ears are programmed to hear and it was the jackpot sirens and the screen of the machine that wrote $42.9 million! This is the biggest ever recorded slot machine jackpot but as it turned out it was due to a faulty machine and the Sphinx slots can pay only $6500. It has malfunctioned and apparently, the casino didn’t want to recognize Katrina’s winnings which is why she took them to court and the case is still going on today. So it’s a bit of the biggest win so far but not sure yet, we have to wait and see what the court will rule in this case.

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