5 Functions Every High Tech Grill Should Have

If you love to grill a lot, you don’t just need any type of grill but a high-tech grill at home. Grilling meat can be fun and convenient when you invest in the grills using the latest technology features. You can make delicious and tasty grilled dishes without using any of the tasking traditional grills which are a bit complex to operate.

Are you considering getting a high-tech grill? We have listed in this article some of the amazing features to look out for. So, you know what you are getting and why you will need it. Here are the five top features of high-tech grills we recommend.

1. Smart Grill Technology

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If you’re looking for a grill that will get at least almost all the work done, then you need a smart grill. In the world of technology today, we not only have smart refrigerators, but we also have smart grills.

What does a smart grill do? A grill with this kind of technology will be useful for everything you need for your barbecue. You get to have all the best features from a smart thermometer, fuel indicators, LCDs, WiFi connectivity, and lots more. Smart grill technology comes with a lot of unique features that make your cooking experience memorable. You can set your cooking preferences for next time, and this technology has a learning algorithm system that monitors and records your cooking process.

You also have access to other excellent functions like connecting to your smartphone through an app. This makes it so easy to relax while you cook because you know that you will get a ping notification when your food has reached doneness.

2. Infrared Technology

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You don’t want to miss out on high-tech grills using infrared technology. What makes infrared radiation better than traditional grills is the amount of heat it produces. You can get your food grilled in half the time it would normally take a charcoal grill. The lightning speed grilling method is one of the most sort-after features for chefs today. It does not only save your cooking time but will make sure your good is properly cooked.

Infrared grills produce heat temperatures between 600°F to 1000°F and they usually come in special infrared ceramic burners strong enough to handle the heat. Some infrared grills also come in long-lasting stainless steel and glass panel material. Using infrared technology will help you cook half the time that conventional grills usually take. So, this kind of tech is beneficial when grilling for commercial purposes.

3. One-Touch Cleaner

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This is also another great function you will find in a high-tech grill. You can easily rest when you know a device can get rid of the ash on your smoker after grilling. Some high-tech grills come with a one-touch cleaning system that sweeps the ash across the slots so you can collect the ash in a bucket to dispose of it. It does the cleaning perfectly without leaving you with any particles to sort out.

Apart from the one touch cleaner, there is also the robot cleaner, also referred to as a Grillbot. This is a kind of technology that helps to clean your cooking grates after grilling. The cleaner, which is an 8 inches robot, works with batteries and can run for a long time. Nobody likes the cleaning part of grilling, but with this technology, you don’t need to worry about that. Its brass brushes will easily get the job done.

4. Smart Smoke Technology

Source: Camp Chef

The smart smoke feature is one of the best functions you will find in today’s grills like the Camp Chef. You will find this feature particularly in pellet grills, and this feature allows you to control your grill’s temperature. Depending on what you’re cooking, you can set your grill at its Hi and Lo settings.

If you are using a high-tech grill, you probably have noticed that its temperature usually fluctuates automatically instead of retaining its actual grill temperature. The smart smoke technology allows you to control the temperature so you get the right heating temperature for your barbecue.

You can choose to slow smoke your barbecue to retain its rich and delicious taste and, at the same time, savor the smokiness. Of course, this adds more flavor to your barbecue. This technology brings a balance between heat and smoke so that you can grill your barbecue right. When next you are shopping for a pellet grill, you shouldn’t miss out on this great function.

5. Sense-mate Feature

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Just as the name implies, its work is to perceive and monitor your cooking. The sense mate technology is a feature that lets you utilize smart functions like your LCD screen on your WiFi enabled grill. With a technology feature like sense mate, you can tell the heat levels of your grill at any point during your cooking. This feature allows you to monitor your cooking temperature without needing to check on your food. It will let you know when the heat levels are low or too high for your food. You can monitor the temperature at a remote location or even read it on the LCD screen. If you want to get an accurate reading of your grill’s temperature when cooking, you will need a grill with a sense mate technology.This way, you don’t always have to mind the grill when cooking.


Grill manufacturers constantly think of ways to improve the market, and innovations continue to spring up in the market. It is good to invest in high-tech grills for your barbecue. You will get the best results and without any hassles. You can get excellent grills from top brands like Weber, and you won’t have to worry about your grilling.

With these technology features, you can control your cooking from your smartphone and from any remote location. For grills with apps, you also get access to an extensive collection of grilling recipes to get inspiration for your next BBQ party. If you’re ready to pick out your smart grill, you can find a wide range of models here – https://outdoorcookingpros.com

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