9 Secrets of Cooking Healthy Food in 2024

If this year you have made a commitment to monitor your health and eat properly, congratulations! In the long term, it will have a huge impact on your health and your figure. However, buying healthy products is only half the deal. You still need to prepare them correctly!

What are the secrets of healthy eating worth knowing and applying in practice? In principle, what we are talking about can hardly be called secrets. These are likely to be valid recommendations based on scientific research. By following these recommendations, you will provide your body with everything it needs to maintain its vital processes.

  1. Review the way you cook, preferring cooking, roasting, stewing and, if possible, not roasting in oil. Do not drink soda, give preference to freshly squeezed juices. In addition, today you can buy a lot of kitchen appliances that will help you prepare healthy food. Read about these useful gadgets on Cooking Top Gear.
  2. Replace synthetic products and preservatives with natural foods, eliminating semi-finished products, hermetically packaged products, foods of questionable quality and origin.
  3. It is impossible to completely exclude sweets from the diet. But they can be replaced with healthy desserts, They will cheer you up and do not disturb the number of carbohydrates entering the body, do not harm the figure.
  4. Vegetables and fruits are an inexhaustible source of vitamins and nutrients, so their volume in the daily human diet should be sufficient.
  5. Try to balance your meals based on protein, fat, and carbohydrates, taking into account calories, focusing on your personal lifestyle and the amount of energy spent per day. But don’t think you have to eliminate all snacks. Opt for a healthy choice, like Proper Popcorn.
  6. The daily menu should be balanced, varied. Take into account the characteristics of your body – weight, height, age, gender, and so on.

However, to remain faithful to the principles of healthy eating is not easy. Especially if you cannot spend too much time in the kitchen. But do not rush to give up! We’re going to reveal some more healthy eating lifehacks. Put these ideas into practice and very soon you will eat healthy and tasty food.

1. Switch to spray

Source: Air Fryer Reviews

There is no way to do without oil in the kitchen, but the trouble is that it is very difficult to dose.

If you normally cover the frying pan with oil and then place the chicken on it, try the spray. Rest assured that you will end up using less oil and getting fewer calories. For example, use coconut butter.

This is a great choice for cooking spray. Because coconut butter contains healthy fats, has a pleasant taste and a high smoke temperature. Simply put, it easily withstands high temperatures during cooking and does not smoke.

2. Buy products on stock

Source: TimesLIVE

If the main obstacle on your way to a healthy diet is the high cost of food, you need a little lesson in stock keeping and thrifting. A proper diet should not be expensive.

A healthy diet can be much cheaper if you always buy seasonal foods and look for special offers. For example, buy chicken in bulk and store it in your freezer. When you have the right food at hand, you will not go to the store again. Look for wholesalers and, if possible, save money by buying large quantities.

3. Cook the food beforehand

Source: Digital Trends

Proper training helps not to stray from the course. Even if you are very busy, you can find time to cook healthy food. Take a couple of hours 2-3 times a week to prepare food ahead of time.

4. Cook in bulk

Source: To Health

If you prepare food in large portions, which are enough for a few days, you will greatly simplify your life. By preparing a dozen servings of protein at a time, you will know that the finished food is waiting for you in the refrigerator, and this saves both time and money.

5. Add healthy fats

Source: City Sports Club

Even during a low-fat diet, it is important to provide the body with healthy fats. Many people still think that fats in food make them fat, but this is not true.

Eat healthy fats several times a day. Add an avocado to the salad or fry a portion of walnuts or almonds quickly in a pan. For a healthy snack, you can also add coconut oil to your smoothie or slice fruits with nut oil.

6. Try the seasonings without salt

Source: Taste of Home

People eat too much sodium. Given everyone’s love for fast food, frozen semi-finished products, and packaged snacks, it’s no surprise that most people go out of the 2300 milligram limit per day.

If you’ve switched to the right foods and given up many of the above, your sodium consumption is probably already below the recommended limit. But if you want to get to the next level, think about cleaning and reorganising the seasoning shelf. Take the spices without salt.

Natural herbs without salt, such as rosemary, garlic, and oregano, can be used to enhance flavour.

7. Lean on the vegetables

Source: On The Table

One of the best ways to add useful volume to your dishes is to add some green vegetables. Vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, and spinach add essential micronutrients and vegetable fibre to your diet, which gives you saturation.

Add an impressive amount of spinach to your morning protein cocktail or lunchtime meal. This will give you the feeling of a solid meal, but without a ton of unnecessary calories.

8. Twisted eggs are a nonfat source of protein

Source: Undark Magazine

Eat cooked twisted eggs. Without egg yolks, the eggs turn into a non-fat source of protein. It’s also a fast and inexpensive source of protein that fits perfectly into any diet based on pure nutrition.

9. Choose natural products

Source: Bilgii.net

Healthy eating is not only about cooking. It’s also about choosing food. Nowadays, additives and chemicals get into products long before they reach supermarkets. Choose beef with grass fattening that is free of antibiotics, hormones and other additives.

Herbal fattening beef tastes better and is richer in Omega-3 fatty acids than grain fattening beef. By choosing organic products and meat of animals grown on the footsteps, you get healthy food on the start.

The secrets of a healthy diet, embodied in reality, allow you to supply the body with the necessary, useful components. And this, in turn, is reflected in the well-being and appearance of a person, on their performance and work productivity. Thus, by reviewing their diet, changing the diet, each person can improve their health, and achieve certain goals.

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