What Should You Wear on Your First Wedding Night

One of the significant days in the life of every woman is a wedding day. It is something for which they do a lot of preparation, such as selecting the dress, footwear, and style. In this night, nevertheless, a time will come when you and your dear partner will be at last alone, and the party will not be finished yet. Therefore, you should consider wearing breathtaking lingerie, which will make your confidence and sexuality the center of attention. In this way, you will be able to use your feminine charm in the right way and amaze your partner.

You may not have realized it yet, but lingerie products seem to have progressed a lot lately. You can choose from a wide range of different styles as well as designers. When it comes to your first night, whatever you choose to wear, it should be the piece that makes you feel the most comfortable. Regardless of your preference, from sexy to comfortable. Here is our guide to wedding night underwear tips to help you get an idea of what to wear.

Before you go shopping

Once you get started choosing brands that you already are familiar with, it is almost impossible to go wrong. Always remember that your sense of comfort and confidence is crucial, even though your partner’s opinion is also important. Actually, any other things will be secondary.

A long time ago, the tradition has been to wear white on your wedding night; however, this will indeed be something that is up to you and your partner. Accordingly, make sure you do whatever feels best for you. That said, as long as white feels awkward or out of character for you, do not wear it.

Like with everything else, the last thing you want is to incur many debts because of a piece that you will only wear a couple of times. Therefore, to avoid unexpected costs, be sure to have a well-defined plan for your budget.

Furthermore, you can accentuate your curves well by selecting to wear something proportionate with your size; otherwise, a bride who feels uncomfortable and seems upset on her wedding night may be a major turn-off to the romance of the wedding night that she may have been imagining in her head. Therefore, you can visit hauteflair.com in order to find the design that suits you best.

Bra set

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By wearing a bra set for your wedding night, you will realize that it is one of the most essential parts of lingerie outfits to spend a night of romance! No doubt, you will feel more confident by wearing this kind of sexy set throughout your wedding night. You can find them in various types on the market such as bras without lining, without cups, wireless, and so on. Anyway, with its wide range of types, you will easily pick one that will be just perfect for you.

Teddy nightwear

Source: New Jersey Bride

Teddy nightwear, which is also known as cami-knickers, is a garment designed to provide coverage of the torso. They are somewhat similar to a full swimsuit or bodysuit; however, they are looser and a bit more revealing. This piece would do a great job of accentuating your figure, and at the same time, it leaves so much to the imagination.

A satin dressing gown

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A satin dressing gown would be a perfect stylish outfit for the first wedding night with its satin surface, and gentle fabric along with the short length of the gown, which will charm your partner! Apart from that, this is a great piece suitable for both petite and plus-size women, so it can perfectly serve as attractive and sexy lingerie or as comfortable and casual wear.


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Bralettes have become very fashionable, and they can be combined with a variety of bottoms so as to make various looks. Using matched high-waist bottoms to combine them with could be the most practical way, as this will give a feel of a slightly vintage style.

Alternatively, consider matching it with lace shorts, silk boxers, or even long pajamas if you prefer. So the possibilities to combine and make a stunning wedding night look are endless, and this may be excellent lingerie for your first wedding night! There is a great choice of bralettes, but you only need to make sure that it includes some elements such as lace as well as sheer fabrics.

Satin Pajamas

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Well, sometimes the only thing you want is an adorable pair of PJs. From comfy t-shirt and shorts sets to satin tops, there are plenty of options to suit everyone’s tastes. These gorgeous first wedding night outfits work well for women of all shapes, particularly for oversized brides. An additional advantage of satin pajamas is that they are very practical and stylish at the same time. In addition, you may prefer a design with lace or other see-through elements for a sexier look.


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Chemise keeps on being popular even five hundred years after its arrival on the clothing market. Now they have grown from simple comfy pieces to a significant element of the lingerie collection in order to help every woman feel both attractive and elegant.

Chemises are now commonly known as slips. They are pieces of lightweight or flimsy fabric that can be found in many retail or branded stores. Moreover, this underwear is available in different fabrics, shapes, designs, and colors.

Regardless of what your wedding night might bring, step up your game with something comfy and soft that both you and your spouse will have the pleasure that comes with it. You can keep it simple by choosing brands you already know and with which you feel more comfortable, or step away from your usual classic style by trying something a little outside of the box.

A short shirt created from sheer fabric and lace, silk nightwear decorated with an attractive design, as well as a satin nightgown combined with lace stockings are all perfect options for the first wedding night. You just need to find a suitable outfit that will reflect your personality.

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