9 Most Romantic Cities in Europe to Get Married in 2024

Europe is a romantic destination by itself. Starting with the Greek islands, knowing that Paris is also there, Roma and all the legends around it, and of course, Barcelona, Budapest, London – we can say that getting married in some of these cities is equal to a fairytale. Also, there are some under-the-radar destinations too, that you can discover by traveling there often. Now, when the whole world is getting vaccinated against COVID-19, and we are also getting vaccine certificates to travel, we can continue where we stopped back in 2024, and explore the exceptional destinations around us.

Traveling for a wedding is not a new concept, especially for couples that don’t want traditional weddings with a lot of guests, music, and dancing. If you and your spouse like the idea to get married somewhere in Europe, but still don’t have an idea where, the blogs like globalgrasshopper.com, and of course, our article, is here to help with the choice.

Note that before you plan the trip, you must check the bilateral relationships between your and visiting country, so you can know what documents do you need there, and is there any specific rule related to the current pandemic that must be respected. After that, you can book your dream trip, and we highly recommend:

1. Paris

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This is the expected suggestion because when we are talking about romance, lovely walks by the river Seine, and cute selfies in front of the most popular historic scenes, we surely think about Paris, the capital of France. It’s the city of the unusual proposals, engagement parties, dinners for two, and even interesting events all around. Or you can stick to visiting museums and discovering the rich history of the country. Also, don’t forget that France has also more romantic cities, including Lyon, Marseille, or Arles. If you think Paris is to cliché, but you love France, then you can choose any other city there, and have the wedding you always wanted.

2. Amsterdam

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The most popular city in the Netherlands offers a lot of activities for everyone. No matter if you are looking for pubs, culture, long walks, fancy restaurants, riding a bicycle around – you can have them all. You can rent a boat for your event and explore the canals in the city. Of course, Netherlands has a lot more authentic destinations to offer, including Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Eindhoven. Also, no matter which one you choose, you won’t make a mistake – every city in the Netherlands is exceptionally beautiful.

3. Gdansk

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It’s a city in Poland, it’s smaller than Warsaw and Krakow, but it offers an authentic experience with its strong and mysterious architecture. It’s a Polish symbol of courage and freedom. The old part of the town is a place you and your spouse must visit, and also enjoy in the parks and surroundings, preparing for the big day. We can talk about this city a lot, but surely it’s better to plan your next trip there and see why it’s praised as one of the most tourist-friendly destinations in Europe for years.

4. Portofino

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This Italian-based tourist destination is for all those people who want to feel the authentic Italian summer, with the crystal clear sea, colorful houses, and the smell of the lemon plants. This is not really a city, is more a village that offers plenty of resorts and places to visit, and you can plan your small wedding on the harbor too. Portofino is inspiring and breathtaking, so get ready to have exceptional photos of your best day.

5. Cinque Terre

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While we are at the Italian Riviera, it’s worth mentioning this one too. It’s one of the most authentic Mediterranean places, that is protected, and urban development is practically impossible there. But, the unique landscape is also inspiring, and even if you don’t have a professional photographer, it will anyway look good in photos.

6. Santorini

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This is one of the most popular Greek islands and cities, with those authentic white and blue houses, and crystal clear water. It has a wedding reputation for Greeks and tourists too. With the beautiful surroundings and authentic cuisine, you can be sure that your intimate wedding will turn into a unique experience you will remember for the whole life.

7. Sintra

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This is a popular destination in Portugal, for romantic getaways. It offers a luxurious feeling because of the majestic views, nature, and of course, the kitchen because it’s absolutely delicious. It’s one of the places that lift up the romantic spirit and celebrates love. You can choose to enjoy yourself in the beautiful parks, woods, restaurants, or by the sea. No matter what you like, Sintra will change your mind and make you like everything related to this piece of natural beauty.

8. Lucerne

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Switzerland considers Luzerne as its heart, and it’s really like that. It’s a small Switzerland inside Switzerland, because of the mountains and winter boat tours on Lake Lucerne. For those who want to skip the summer excitement, and enjoy more in cold winter, this one can be one of the best choices for your romantic trip.

9. Venice

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We will complete this list with one of the most anticipated romantic destinations in Europe – the city of Venice, based in Italy. We don’t have to talk a lot about it, because we already know everything, from the history to the beautiful canals that are the inspiration for many romantic events. It’s the best experience ever.

As you can see, we mentioned a lot of European destinations, but you can be sure there are a lot more than that. Once you visit some of the countries, you can explore the nearest cities. Who knows, maybe you will like some of them better.

Romantic and wedding trips are popular, and many couples want to feel the authenticity of the legendary cities, no matter if they plan their wedding there or not. And of course, Europe is one of the best in the world – that’s why all people love it.

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