Xiaomi MiBand Review

Xiaomi has announced the Mi Band and it is the company’s first fitness band. It was announced back in July at the launch event of Xiaomi Mi 4. It is priced at $13 and it is the among the cheapest fitness band around the corner if you want to buy one. You can find our Xiaomi Mi Band Unboxing video here.

Box Contents :

In the box, you get the band with the charging cable and the User Manual for your product.

  • Mi Band
  • Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Design and Build

Xiaomi MiBand Box

The main unit is in silver color with black bottom which gets fixed on the Mi Band. The device can be removed from the band so that you can get it charged. The dimensions for the main unit of the band are 14 x 36 x 9mm and it just weighs about 5 grams. The main unit has made up of polycarbonate body and feels like the brushed aluminium on top of the device. The device has three small dots on the top of the device and these three dots glow in different colors. Blue, Green, Red and Orange are the colors in which the dots that glows on top of the device. The colors on top of the device can be changed with the phone app.

Xiaomi MiBand

When you remove the main unit from the band, there are 2 points for connecting or charging the device. There are no buttons on the main device as it is not needed to pair the device with the click of a button and the device gets connected to the smartphone automatically.  The cable that you get with the device can be used to charge the main unit. The cable that you get with the device can be plugged and charged with any USB devices. You can even use any wall charger or also you can simply connect it to the computer to charge the device.

Xiaomi MiBand Charger

Coming on to the band itself, the wristband is made up of TPSiV which is a silicone material by the Dow Corning and this material especially makes the band quite durable. The length of the band is the 230mm in length and you can also adjust the size as per your wrist and set the hasp to whatever size you feel is best for your wrist. The hasp on the band is quite strong and doesn’t come off easily, so it stays securely on your wrist and even when you run with the band attached to your wrist or you play some outdoors games, the band will sit perfect without giving you any itchiness.

The band comes in Blue, Orange, Pink, Green and Cyan and these bands can be purchased separately. Xiaomi also separately sell the premium band with premium material band which is leather, wrap-around and other kinds of such materials.  Mi band is IP67 Certified which means this band is water and dust resistance. It means you can wear the band all the time, like you are doing any motorsport, swimming, riding dirt bike etc.

The Xiaomi Mi Band offers ADI’s MEMS Accelerometer Sensors for sensing the activities and it also has the Dialog DA14580 Bluetooth chip which consumes low power which makes the Mi Band run on for a longer time. The Dialog DA14580 Bluetooth Chip is the programmable chip which means it can still store the data even when the phone is not connected. The Bluetooth Chip is also Bluetooth 4.1 compliant. The band also has support for Vibration as it has inbuilt vibration motor that is activated when you have to set an alarm and it is triggered on time, the Mi Band will vibrate and will wake you up with the vibrations that it will make.

The Mi Band also has a 41mAh lithium polymer battery built inside the band. The battery is just 8mm thick and sit inside the main unit of the band. The input current that the battery can take is 25mA and the input voltage is DC 5V.

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