Top 8 Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers 2024

We have excellent browsers that are continuously incorporating more useful extensions, plugins, and add-ons, to help us increase our productivity. Everyone is aware that Google Chrome is the most popular web browser on the planet, and for a good reason. Google strives to improve with each new release by fixing bugs and adding cutting-edge features. Furthermore, web developers are creating helpful plugins for Chrome.

Chrome extensions make the life of web developers simpler and increase their productivity. As the number and the quality of all extensions grow at an incredible speed, a fundamental question remains:

How do you decide which are the most useful Google chrome extensions to benefit from?

The following list of best google chrome extensions are chosen based on their ratings, downloads, and, of course, features:

1. Web Developer

Source: Morioh

One of the most popular google chrome extensions, Web Developer, adds a toolbar to your browser with a complete set of web development resources when you install it.

Both of these resources are beneficial to both developers and designers. There are a total of ten tabs dedicated to tools. The developer Chris Pedrick got the idea for this extension from the PNH Developer Toolbar.

The features offered at Web Developer include a wide range of user-friendly tools. It helps the users add outlines to elements just by clicking, find broken images on a page, and disable javascript, plugins, popups, and notifications.

Web Developer Chrome is a versatile extension that is also highly stable and performs much better than a regular chrome inspector.

2. Stylebot

Source: OMG! Chrome!

Adapt the web’s appearance.

Stylebot helps you to easily change the appearance of any website (using custom CSS). You select an element and use the editor to make any changes you want. Font size, color, margins, visibility, and several other options are available. Advanced users can also manually write the CSS.

You can customize the look and feel of your favorite websites with Stylebot. It’s also a fantastic platform for learning CSS and debugging the construction of a website.

3. Clockwork

Source: Medium

Clockwork includes a collection of PHP-based web development tools. This extension uses a server-side component to collect all of the information. This information will be included in the PHP project. It can assist with PHP program profiling and debugging. It will also provide you with information about your application’s runtime, tracing, variable values, and so on.

Its fundamental features include Integration with all PHP projects, First-class Laravel and Lumen support, integration with vanilla or custom apps, and limited support for Symfony and Slim framework.

It includes a decent PHP debugging feature, making it an effective debugging extension.

4. WhatFont

Source: CodedThemes

WhatFont is among the best google chrome extensions that quickly identify the fonts used on a web page. It includes a font palette with a selection of fonts.

Instead of writing codes to define a webpage’s font, you can do so with a single click. WhatFont is famous for its main functions, such as identifying as many fonts as you want by dragging the cursor on the web page, detecting the services used for serving the web fonts, and supporting Typekit and Google Font API. This makes WhatFont one of the best google chrome extensions for saving a significant amount of time.

5. Speed Tracer

Source: Medium

Get a better understanding of how well the web applications work..

Speed Tracer is a method for identifying and resolving performance issues in web applications. It visualizes and analyzes metrics as your application runs.

You can get a clearer picture of where time is spent in your application by using Speed Tracer. This includes Javascript parsing and execution, Layout, CSS style recalculation and selector matching, DOM Event handling, Network resource loading, Timer explosions, XMLHttpRequest callbacks, Painting, and others.

6. Resolution Test

Source: Bleeping Computer

One of the most useful google chrome extensions is Resolution Test.

Developers may use Resolution Test to preview their websites in various screen resolutions by changing the browser window’s size. It comes with a list of often used resolutions as well as the option to customize the list.

7. Wappalyzer


Wappalyzer Chrome is a helpful plugin that allows you to recognise the technologies used on different websites quickly.

It is a cross-platform provider of technographic info. It recognizes CMS, analytics tools, frameworks, and other software that are linked to a particular website.

Wappalyzer is an essential user-friendly chrome plugin. Furthermore, it can instantly detect the content and call of web pages. Some of its important features include instant access to website technology stacks, tracking your competitor’s technology choices, providing Extension Programming, API Access Management, and Real-Time Analytics.

8. Colorzilla

Source: Packt Subscription

Colorzilla Chrome is a useful plugin that allows you to get a color reading from any location in your browser. As a result, as a web developer, you can easily change the color and paste it into your software as needed.

It includes an all-in-one CSS gradient generator. Furthermore, this tool consists of a palette viewer with 7 pre-installed palettes that you can quickly access.

Colorzilla offers tools such as an advanced eyedropper, color picker, gradient generator, and more.

It also comprises tools like a webpage color analyzer that analyses the colors of DOM elements on any web page and locates corresponding elements. Finally, it includes a color history of recently picked colors.

Among other related extensions, Colorzilla Chrome has one of the best color management systems. This extension will instantly select a color from any zoom level. Additionally, you can choose colors from flash objects.

Sum Up

Of course, this is not the complete list of the best google chrome extensions, but it includes many of the most popular ones.

Web designers looking to make their web development smoother and quicker shouldn’t ignore the most popular google chrome extensions. Every extension has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

So make sure to collect the best list of extensions and profit from them extensively.

Furthermore, there is always a chance to get additional assitance to manage the design of your website. Click here to hire a UI/UX designer for a consultancy and guidance.

Good luck!

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