10 Best Ways for School Students to Balance Their Nutrition

Health is a major factor, which should be dealt properly and carefully as physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. The major issues relating to the health factor which affect the learning of several students is obesity, hypertension, and depression.

According to several studies, more than two-third of the adult, as well as children group, are overweight. The main reason is they lack the proper nutrition and food value. These kinds of children therefore often avoid participating in any kind of physical activities and as a result of which they gain too much weight by just sitting ideally and eating the fast food stuff.

Some of the students are also found to suffer from hypertension as well as depression as of their poor physical strength and for which they hesitate to participate in any kind of physical activities.

Therefore certain steps should be initiated by the students as well as their parents to balance their nutritional health.

Source: WHO

Issues faced by the students in term of Health

  1. The major issues relating to the health factor which affect the learning strength of several students is that most of the students suffer from obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and depression. According to several studies more than two third of the adult, as well as children group, are overweight. The main reason is they lack the proper nutrition and food value. These kinds of children therefore often avoid participating in any kind of physical activities and as a result of which they gain too much weight by just sitting ideally and eating the food stuff. Some of the students are also found to suffer from hypertension as well as depression as of their poor physical strength and for which they hesitate to participate in any kind of physical activities. These types of students who remain isolated in doing any kind of physical activities are to be focused by the teachers and should motivate them to come forward with hope and get involved in physical education.
  2. The most common nutritional problem found in school going students is growth faltering which causes mainly from anemia and iron deficiency and as a result their growth rate does not increase. So, the parents of these children must be very cautious about their food and eating habits and should encourage them to eat more nutrient dense food. Another nutritional problem found in these children is constipation for which they lack the interest of having meals as of fear for the unbearable pain they suffer while stooling and as a result they prefer selected food only and remain stick to that. Positive reinforcement should be done by the parents in promoting a healthy diet.
    Source: Yale News – Yale University
  3.  Over-fondness of tasty and dehydrated food reduces their growth rate as it contains low rates of nutrients and zero food. The weight loss among these children occurs due to not having healthy food or out of illness which happened from having unhealthy food.As we all know that fast food can affect the students badly and creates several forms of intestine problems. “My children’s prefers to have the fast foods of the restaurant out of which they avoid eating the home made foods which therefore puts effect on their growth rate” says Maira who is expert in TFTH
  4. As a result of high depression, due to educational and study related stress, the children easily get involved in substance abuse and get addicted to various drugs, alcohol. They experience different form of social abuses, sexual harassment, emotional and mental abuses and many more. Some researchers often termed these phases as “coping mechanisms”. In schools the children had to face several types of challenges under different circumstances. Sometimes they fail to cope up with those situations and suffer both mentally as well as physically.
  5. Violent media is also one of the reasons for providing poor nutritional diets to the students. Through these media the children fail to distinguish between the fantasy and reality and initiate certain steps which finally ruin their lives. By playing video games all the time and watching videos on social media can affect not only their physical health but also exploit their mental health. Out of excitement of playing video games and its addiction they sometimes forgot to eat and found to skip meals which badly affected their nutritional diets. The parents should gather relevant information about the violent media before handing over these video gaming tools to their children. The parents should know the basic side effects of these media before forbidding their children to view such violent media. Through video games the children became less socializing with their friends and family. They spend more time playing these games and avoid outdoor games as well as food. Therefore, these children fail to develop their social skills and thereby suffer from communication gaps and lack proper behavioral approaches.
  6. These children are often found to ignore their studies, forget their hobbies and only keep themselves busy playing video games. They avoid reading newspapers and spare that time in playing these games. They avoid all types of outdoor games and exercises; they thereby gain weights which affect their physical health. Both  mentally and psychologically they are concentrating solely in these games as a result of which most of the children are found often getting aggressive, violent, filled with rage, anger, terror as well as stupidity. As they devote their maximum time in playing these games it affects their sleep and as a result of which it makes them mentally fatigued. “The students often have a tendency to follow their friends, and act accordingly. Sharing food, lunch, tiffin is a good habit but encouraging playing video games by avoiding meal sessions is not praise worthy” says Nic who is an expert in TopAssignmentExperts
Source: Verywell Fit

Best ways to maintain the Nutritional Diet

  1. Keep a healthy breakfast in your diet schedule and maintain it regularly. Due to the high rush for going to school and the horn of the school bus often force a student to skip their breakfast and run after the bus so as to reach the school on time. Sometimes, especially the late risers often forgot to have their breakfast and with a rush just did the dress up and took away their bags and ran away. These children often fail to balance their nutritional diets and suffer from physical ill health problems. Therefore, breakfast should not be avoided as it is the most important meal with which a day starts. For example, a car cannot get started without having enough fuel loaded similarly, insufficient amount of breakfast can create larthergetic within you and you may feel inactive and weak.
  2. The tiffin’s packed by the parents should maintain nutritional diets. Sometimes, breaking the rules and having oily foods which includes noodles, pastas, parathas, pizzas and many more is allowed, but not regularly. The parents may include taste-changing foods while packing their tiffin’s but should keep in mind the health factors of their Childs. Though nowadays the students demand fast foods the most and if not provided then they have it after going to school from their school canteen or from some other street hawkers. The teachers therefore, should guide the students with proper nutritional and food value and implement certain strategies where they will highlight the healthy and positive relationship with food and encourage the students to develop a healthy attitude when making decisions regarding selection of food. Eating habits should be guided by the teachers and motivate the learner to maintain an equal and effective balance between mind and body.
    Source: Verywell Fit
  3. The main factors which are very common among the school going students is obesity rate and which occurs due to consumption of low nutrient foods, energy dense drinks and food and no physical exercise and activities. The teachers should therefore state certain factors that can be overcome these problems which include healthy eating habits, encourage physical exercises, and develop certain public policies that promote access to health and participation in physical education that mainly includes sports. Advantages of sports education in schooling are that it encourages all the students to maintain their body fitness. As a result it helps to reduce obesity and provides the basic ideas about all forms of indoor and outdoor games the learner might take part in and gain interest.
  4. The teachers should therefore motivate the students to actively take part in physical education by understanding the sociological concepts of the habits of the students, their interdependence, detachment and involvement, their nutrition and food habits, and thereby develop a positive attitude within them. As the students follow the instructions of their teachers the most they will therefore, slowly and steadily learn the proper diet. “School students should actively take part in the physical educational activities in order to reduce stress and maintain balance to their nutrition” says Vicky who is an expert in EduWorldUSA
    Source: Jfk Health World
  5. Healthy nutritional food should contain rich vitamins as well as calcium which protect the students from several diseases such as osteoporosis. Lack of vitamins can result from oral and gum infections which creates a huge trouble for the students.
  6. Drinking sufficient water can also help a student to balance their nutrition. Involvement of parents in this regard is highly required. Therefore, the parents should spend their quality of time with their children and motivate them towards developing good habits of drinking glassful water, concentrating on their studies or other interesting hobbies. The parents should therefore involve themselves in several outdoor activities including swimming, cycling, running, jogging, playing, skipping and many other physical activities which can thereby snug the attention of the children towards these activities which can make them understand the importance of water.
    Source: Eat This, Not That
  7. In order to balance the nutrition’s the students must have a proper lunch as well as dinner. Both the lunch and dinner should include healthy food contents such as fresh vegetables, non veg items, rice or phulkas. Ingesting unnecessary amounts of sugar should be avoided as it carries high calories and is the major reason for diabetes.
  8. The age of a schooler ranges between 5- 18 years where they are developing their eating habits and requires encouragement in having healthy foods by their parents and teachers. They often emulate others in every activity as they are now in a learning stage where curiosity develops often in their mind. So, therefore, they need proper guidance while having their meal as it involves their growth rate factor. The growth rate of a schooler is much slower even than an infant. As their appetite only increases, not their growth and as a result, they like tasty foods rather than healthier one.
    Source: ViennaNightLife.At
  9. As the students follow their parents the most, therefore the parents should also maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat balanced nutritional foods. Some of the parents often have a habit of eating junk foods and tend to order foods from restaurants so as to avoid cooking. But this habit is being learned by their kids who therefore fail to balance their nutrition and suffer from several intestine diseases.
  10. Enjoying and loving the food can also help a student to balance their nutrition. Some of the students are found to waste food as they dislike specific items and are often found to avoid it. But each and every food has its own importance. Some children hated bitter gourd because of its bitter taste and preferred sweets the most as of its sweet and delicious taste but they fail to identify the importance of such items. Therefore, proper education regarding food value as well as maintenance of nutrition is required.
    Source: Gastrointestinal Society


The students should be capable enough to maintain a balance of their nutrition which will help them to perpetuate their fitness and stay active in all physical as well as mental activities.

They should know the basic timing of when to have breakfast, dinner and lunch with their proper amount. The involvement of parents, as well as teachers in this regard, is highly needed in order to provide their child the basic education of nutrition.

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