What Is the Fastest Way to Build a Mobile App

There is no doubt that the fear of coding will make it difficult or impossible for you to try to create your own app or postpone your search for the best app creation software. However, now to start building mobile apps is easier than ever before. The options for app creation software are numerous on the market, no matter if it is for a business, a product, a blog, a service, or something completely random, and if you know where to search, you will find them easily.

When it comes to the universe of mobile apps, as you probably know, time is money. Therefore, the more time you spend working on your app, the more it will cost. You can easily develop and organize your mobile website or application with a minimum time and learning effort by choosing one of the app creation platforms provided in this article. Plus you will find out some tips on how to save your time, effort, and ultimately money.

Mobile Roadie

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Mobile Roadie is an app creator, which enables users to create and administer their own Android or iOS app. In addition, when it comes to creation, it has a great visual design. This platform works with all media types with automatic import of keywords and an automatically updated fan wall allowing people to communicate in real-time. With Mobile Roadie’s back end, you’ll be allowed to see a preview of your app the same way your users will see it on their devices. You will also be assisted on how to go through the App Store submission process, which includes Mobile Roadie verifying the quality and adequacy of your content. Furthermore, Mobile Roadie gives you the possibility of the option to send push notifications. This could be your website content or content via the platform itself. Overall, the platform is language-independent, indicating you can retrieve data in several formats. Once you begin, several layout options are displaying, and there is the possibility to adjust each of them according to your preferences.

Good Barber

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Good Barber features a platform that allows you to create iPhone and Android apps, plus enhanced web apps. You have control of every detail of the app for all of the platforms with no need to write a single line of code. There are multiple fully adjustable design templates with numerous beautiful icons as well as access to Google Fonts provided for you to begin with. Technically, these advanced web apps could take the place of your current website, because they can handle mobile, desktop, and tablet optimization.


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Gappsy functions by an open-source Siberian CMS, plus it offers specialized products with new themes, modules, and layouts. It also assures that there will be no errors, and that it will operate with the most agile speed, as well as that will offer the best customer support. With Gappsy mobile app creator, you will receive app hosting, and they will give you source code for the apps you create. They have great features like push notifications, QR scan, analytics, etc. Even without any skills in coding, you will be able to create the app on this website. Being the newly launched product in the market, this drag-and-drop mobile app maker comes as one of the biggest attractions to many online entrepreneurs. The software’s number one selling factor lies in its capability to assist you in building a progressive mobile app within 60 minutes at the maximum. You can find out more on www.gappsy.com.

Use automated testing

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The process of testing could take a lot of time. Nevertheless, in order to provide a high-quality and secure application, it is necessary to test your code intensively. Automated testing can significantly minimize the time required to test your app by processing a series of tests for which the manual execution would consume several hours. Moreover, by the possibility of using more than one testing method simultaneously, you may be able to use automated tests to maximize the number of tests you run as well as minimize the time you devote to testing.

You can find a number of automated testing software, one of which is Appium. Appium offers a preferred test automation structure for Android, IOS, and Windows apps, along with a vendor-provided automation structure. It gives you the option to test your app quickly and efficiently also avoid spending time recompiling your code.

Choose cross-platform tools

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By sticking to a single platform, you are instantly narrowing your potential audience, however, there is nothing easy about being able to develop for multiple platforms. Therefore, a perfect solution to increase your development time is to build and manage several codebases.

Cross-platform development tools can help you approach multiple mobile platforms using the same code base, saving you the time you would normally spend recompiling, rewriting, and translating your code in order to work effectively on multiple platforms. There are many cross-platform development tools to choose from, however, some of the most popular are considered Xamarin and Flutter SDK.

Creating a mobile application from scratch, we all know, is a task that takes a lot of time and hard work. These days, the expectation people have from an app includes satisfaction throughout an interaction, quick loading, and simplicity of use. As a result, we can say that the mobile age is here. Plus, the statistic tells us that without an app, you will possibly lose a really large and crucial part of the market. That part of the market simply chooses to do business by this method. Devlight will help create a world-class mobile app.

App development continues to become easier every day, and so do consumer expectations. You have to be able to bring your product to market in order to remain relevant. To do this you need to get the tech stack that will actually help you build the app. Keep in mind that these platforms can guide you to launch your app, however, they are not a replacement when it comes to having a great idea as well as strong talent. The use of mobile applications indicates that a company is capable of innovation while not adhering to the standard.

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