What Kind of Insurance Do You Need for a Daycare?

Daycare usually refers to a facility where the parents leave their children while they are at work, and trained and skilled professionals are taking care of them, and introducing them to the educational process. Also, they socialize with other small humans their age and learn more about how to be respectful for the adults, the basics of different kinds of science, appropriate for their age. Having an insurance policy is a must when you leave your children in the daycare. It covers some unpleasant situations with different outcomes because kids can be pretty unpredictable with their behavior, ending up getting hurt or injured in some situations. No matter how much the daycare staff is trying to cope with them, they can simply be misbehaving. The policies cover a wide range of liability events, and of course, it can be made for the parents and children, but also for the owner of the facility and the employees.

So, we can say that both parties need liability insurance coverage, no matter how big are the groups of children or the facilities. There are a few aspects in this, as we said because the service employees must be protected, then the facilities they are using, knowing that sometimes children’s behavior can be questionable, and they can cause damage to the daycare’s belongings. On the other hand, the parents always want to make sure their kids are safe and secure, but also, due to their behavior, they can’t predict if some of them will get sick or get in trouble, ending up injured.

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The daycare insurance aspects

It’s a must for everyone who runs a childcare business. As we already mentioned, it can be pretty challenging to work with children and have control over everything. You can always get custom insurance, that will cover the aspects you think are important.

For the daycare provider, the insurance covers a lot of liability risks, especially if the parents claim the kid got injured or ill while at your facilities. Also, you need to protect the property too, because we all know how weather conditions can be harsh sometimes, but also how misbehaving are some kids, and they can vandalize the furniture, walls, carpets, or even throw heavy things on the windows. Think about your staff too, because they also have to be covered with the policy, which is called premises risks. If you provide transport, you need to cover that too.

In the end, there is always a chance for abuse and bullying, between the kids the same age, the older to younger, or even from kids to teachers and vice versa. Another important aspect, in this case, is if some of the kids tell the teachers and staff they are abused or molested at home.

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Insurance due to the COVID-19 pandemic

This is an important thing since it changed our lives a lot. If your facility works again, even though the numbers are lower and vaccines available, there is a risk of local spreading inside. Also, most of the facilities had to close, because the kids needed to stay at home, and according to dcins.com, the standard liability policies don’t cover that money loss due to the shutting down because of COVID-19. So, the “Loss of income” may not work for the daycare business, but the “Civil authority” policy covers this type of loss.

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Who is eligible for daycare insurance?

It’s easy to answer this one – the owners, staff, and children who go there. And it’s usually required so one facility can start working, the staff to be hired, and kids accepted there. It’s a high-risk business and nothing should be missed or just left to happen. The parents should also be aware they can pay some small amount for big insurance coverage too because if their children get hurt while at daycare, someone has to take the responsibility (and very often staff is not even guilty about that). So, the liability insurance will cover most of these aspects for both the involved parties.

And while we are at the liability policies, we can see what they are used for. For example, the general liability covers every business facility that welcomes people from the outside, especially children, who aren’t easy to deal with. Professional liability is about the teachers and other staff there, covering two aspects – employee getting hurt at work and employee who is abusive and ruins your business. If you offer bus transport, make sure everything is covered there too. If you have a larger facility, the insurance policy should cover the building, including fires, floods, damages, or even crimes, like stealing or damaging something on purpose. Then, you probably have tables, chairs, beds, dishes, and toys, and they should be covered with the policy too. We can say that every piece of equipment or gear should be included in the insurance coverage.

There can also be some specific coverages, like daycare trips to some locations, when you have to leave the facility to travel, then parties, fundraisers, and other events, and even workers’ compensation if they are sick or injured while at work.

It’s always good to know that adding more things to cover and other options to the basic package, can increase the cost a little, literally a few dollars, but will cover more aspects, and be pretty useful when something happens. No childcare provider can ever be sure everything will go smoothly, because no one can ever predict how things will be changing through time. It’s always good to hire an independent insurance agent, so they can recommend the best option for you.

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It seems like liability insurance covers most of the aspects when it comes to daycare. As we said, you can always add more options to your basic pack, and that won’t cost you a lot, but will cover a lot of unpleasant things that may happen. We hope you won’t avoid doing this because accidents can happen every day, and sometimes it may be pretty late to make things up and proceed with your regular work.

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