How to Land Your First Job in Digital Marketing – 2024 Guide

Getting a job anywhere these days is a set of obstacles by itself, but somehow digital marketing has boomed drastically and it became a hotspot that you simply have to have.

Digital marketing job is very sought out profession and this industry is really in demand right now. This isn’t without a just cause. It is rightly in-demand because it is a really fun industry to be in, it offers great career prospects and most importantly it pays very well.

Several industries have broken to the top of the desired career options and the digital market is one of them. This is the career everyone wants because it is diverse, full of changes and it is a highly rewarding career path. If you want a lot more detail about it read more here.

A good career path has to have some factors to be desirable. One of the most important ones is to be well paid, but according to some researches one more thing is very important to most people out there, it has to offer a possibility of constant upgrades and advancements. To most people, this is more important than the paycheck because, with advancements, that are constant according to your abilities and well-doing, of course, bigger paychecks are inevitable.

Today we will tell you all about how to land your first job in Digital marketing and what you have to focus on to do so.

1. Learn digital marketing

Source: FutureLearn

This job is sort of easy to land even if you don’t have any experience, but what is important is that you have to sacrifice your spare time to learn as much as possible about digital marketing. Learning is everything and if you don’t put up the work the results will not come. This is something we all heard millions of times before, but it is the harsh truth. Start from the basics first and move up from there because when you have a good base everything comes easier. You have to focus on things like marketing funnels, optimization, different marketing metrics and equations are something you need to know in your sleep. If you are learning this in your spare time by yourself there are free and paid courses that are available to anyone.

2. Ideal job

Source: piTHhub

It is very important to always have some sort of ideal job you want and to get it you should never make compromises on the path to it. Why did we mention this? Well, digital marketing is a huge term and it is an umbrella term for so many areas that make up digital marketing. Some of these things you probably heard of, like SEO, paid advertising, social marketing, e-mail marketing, are just some of the subsections of digital marketing and they all have a place in the bigger picture. This is why you should focus on a certain aspect of that ideal job description to make yourself the number one in that part, or field however you want to put it. By doing this you also shouldn’t forget about broader, general marketing because it is also an integral part and you will need it to tailor your CV to a certain position you want.

3. Internship and volunteering

Source: Charity Job

These two things are very important. While getting a theory education is the best thing to do, honing those things you learned in real job applications sometimes can be even more important. The theory is one thing while practice is often totally different. These two programs are also good for those that have no experience, or very little in this field. Internships are very important and by doing those you will offer a certain company your time for them to let you have a go in an entry-level position where you will get knowledge and basics of the job in exchange for you and your time helping out the said company. Internships can be paid and unpaid. Unpaid internships fall under the volunteering category and these are the most often ones while paid internships are rare but they are obtainable.

4. Create a portfolio

Source: My Modern Met

This step is for those who are a bit more ambitious. What you should do, if you fall into this group, is take some time and create a website for instance.  This website should be your portfolio rather than a simple page that is your CV, just done a bit different. This should prove to whoever is interested in your work, that you have the necessary digital marketing skills in the get-go and that you can build a good website, that you have design skills, mobile design skills, SEO knowledge and skills and that you achieved results with this website portfolio. That alone should be your invitation in, considering you did a good job on it. If you lack material for your portfolio, consider working for free. Find a small company, or two and approach them with the intent to do something for them for free. If you finish the job good enough you get your recommendation and you get your material for a portfolio.

5. Networking

Source: The Haven at College

Having a network that is relevant to your industry is as important as all the things listed above. Why is that so? Well, you probably know by now, the jobs constantly change and vacancies constantly pop up. If you have connections in the right places then no information of this sort will ever go past you. This is important especially to you that are still seeking your first job, and if you are wondering how to network here are a tip or two. Instagram is something all of us have, and believe it or not it is a great place to network. Thanks to Instagram you can DM people directly, especially those who you know are in the digital marketing industry directly. By doing this you are letting them know that you want to connect up with them and that you are looking for future employment opportunities. You can also volunteer to do something for free as a gesture of goodwill and they can accept it to evaluate your skills. Another great thing you can do is register on LinkedIn, if you already haven’t, because it is a great thing to have and it offers free of charge services. It offers you to scout your industry and hit up people in DMs just like Instagram but according to some experiences, it has a bit harder response rate than Instagram.

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