3 Reasons Why You Should Go to an Alcohol Treatment Center and Why You May Benefit!

The ugly truth is that about 20 million Americans need treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, with nearly 88,000 losing their lives from alcohol use or alcohol-related causes, as per a report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

While these figures are alarming, less than 1% of that figure receives the professional help they need to overcome alcohol addiction.

This comes as little surprise considering how people with a drinking problem often tell others that they have their drinking under control. In reality, the only person they are fooling is themselves.

If you fear that you might have a drinking problem, here is a list of signs you may need treatment and what benefits you can expect from rehab, reach out to The Edge Treatment to learn more about it.

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1. You Experience Withdrawal Symptoms

A strong sign that you may be suffering from alcohol addiction is experiencing common withdrawal symptoms such as vomiting, insomnia, headache, sweating, shaky hands, and nausea.

People with severe alcohol addiction may experience more dangerous symptoms such as high blood pressure, intense sweating, and fevers.

The excellent news is alcohol treatment centers involve medical intervention during the detoxification phase of the treatment. This makes the treatment as smooth as possible since withdrawal symptoms can be very uncomfortable.

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2. You Have Hurt Yourself or Other People While Drunk

One effect of intoxication is that it impedes your judgment. That’s why people are discouraged from using heavy machinery when drunk.

Unfortunately, some people rarely heed this advice and take part in dangerous activities such as drunk driving. Others are often hostile to people around them, including those who love them. This is especially common with people who drink excessively or are unable to control their alcohol consumption.

Multiple DUIs, injuries, or taking part in risky activities is a sure sign that you could do with addiction treatment.

Part of the treatment process in an alcohol treatment center involves learning sessions where patients are educated on the harmful effects of their addiction to them and those surrounding them.

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3. You Have Tried to Quit Alcohol Numerous Times Without Success

If you have tried quitting alcohol several times to no avail, then you could be struggling with an alcohol use disorder.

While this can be an incredibly frustrating experience, it’s not a sign of failure. Alcohol addiction is a serious condition that usually needs professional intervention to overcome.

Alcohol treatment centers provide a safe environment for healing where patients are restricted from outside influences that could cause them to relapse or cause harm to other people.

How an Alcohol Treatment Center May Benefit You

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1. Develop New Habits

Most people with a dependency on alcohol often have poor self-care habits and poor discipline overall. They don’t know how to set goals or how to achieve those that they do.

Through therapy, the counselors at rehab facilities help people in recovery to approach goal-setting with the proper mindset.

The repetitive cycle of trying to change character but falling short can weaken a person’s resolve to the point they give up trying.

Patients at an alcohol treatment center are trained to set short and long-term goals to achieve a successful recovery in their physical and mental health, career aspirations, and relationships.

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2. Rebuild Family Relationships

If you’re struggling with a drinking problem, then you can rest assured your family is also working with your drinking problem.

Even though you may not see it, your alcohol addiction and destructive behavior affect your loved ones. An alcohol treatment center will give you the chance to work on these matters together as a family. Various rehab facilities offer therapies and treatment programs focused on helping the patient and the family as a whole.

At the end of the treatment program, family support might be the only thing that keeps you going.

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3. Dedicated Learning Sessions

One of the most important benefits of alcohol treatment centers is the lessons you learn on overcoming your alcohol problem and staying sober.

The best part is that it’s not always done in a classroom environment. The sessions are conducted in a series of workshops, fun interactive activities, and personal sessions.

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4. Recovery for the Full Body

Alcohol treatment involves treatment methods designed to improve complete wellness for the entire person.

Alcoholism affects the entire body, mind, and spirit. To achieve a full recovery, you need a well-rounded treatment program that involves productive activities like meditation, community service, yoga, and massage therapy.

Engaging in these activities will help you recover physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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5. Understand the Underlying Issues

People get addicted to alcohol for many reasons. Some do it as a means of coping with stress, some do it to numb themselves emotionally, and some do it to avoid responsibility.

If you’re going to achieve a full recovery, you need to peel back the layers of your persona to understand what is motivating your drug habits.

Counseling sessions will help you dig into these underlying issues so you can make a better sense of them. After the treatment program, you will better understand yourself and what led you to start drinking. You will also develop better and healthier coping skills that don’t involve alcohol use so you can prevent a relapse.

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Alcohol Treatment Centers Are There to Help

Struggling with an alcohol addiction can be very hard, and many people try to hide their alcoholism as much as they can. The sooner you realize that you need to check yourself into rehab, the more likely you are to make a full recovery and avoid possibly even worse consequences of alcohol abuse. It would be best to consult with Confidant Health to know your options.

The most significant benefit you will experience is the positive change an alcohol treatment center will make in your life. You will abandon a destructive path that has taken tens of millions of lives. It will literally save your life.

However, one thing to note is that not everyone who drinks is addicted to booze. People may develop a physical dependence on drinking but may not show addiction-related behaviors.

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