5 Best Law Firm Marketing Channels Used by Top Growth Law Firms

Having an online presence that attracts new customers and clients to your services has become a must for any business that wishes to thrive in today’s date. Unfortunately, many professionals who work in law firms are either not aware of this or don’t know how to achieve this. After all, law schools only teach their students about the law and not how to manage your firm, or market your skills as a professional lawyer.

According to LawFirmMarketing360.com, marketing your law firm in the right way to the right people can help you have a larger client base which can get you more lawsuits to work on. The website also goes on to say that law firms who avail marketing services are known to have considerably better sales and reach.

That being said, many lawyers are still unaware of what marketing channels help the law firms at the top of the ladder stay at the top in terms of success and profit. If you too are one such lawyer who wishes to know about these marketing channels and utilize them to their fullest extent, then don’t worry because in this article we will help you do exactly that by taking a look at the five best law firm marketing channels used by top growth law firms.

1. SEO

Source: searchenginejournal.com

The pandemic forced many people to stay in the confines of their homes and it created a natural online tendency of using search engines to search for relevant websites and platforms for their needs. Law firms are no exception to this rule and your ability to rank high in google’s search results can be the difference between a successful law firm and a failing law firm.

Before an individual even decides if they need the services of a professional lawyer, they are bound to search for their queries online. If one of your articles fulfills these queries posted on your firm’s website, checks out all SEO requirements and ranks high in the search results, then chances are people will see your article and naturally refer to your own website to avail the services of a reliable law firm.

To be a successful law firm, it is essential that you not only implement SEO-friendly practices in your website itself but also hire professional bloggers or writers that can write SEO-rich content for you that you can use on your website to attract a larger audience to your business. Many of the top law firms know the importance of SEO and integrate it thoroughly into all their online platforms and sites.

2. Social Media

Source: inc.com

Social Media has started becoming one of the most popular marketing channels for law firms to encourage customer growth. In the recent surge of social media users, millions of adults have joined various social media platforms to interact with their friends, families, and acquaintances better and also develop new connections across the globe.

Most social media platforms like Quora, Reddit, or LinkedIn are primarily used by adults, and advertising your law firm in such environments can guarantee almost instant success as long as you target the right audience with the right agenda in mind.

3. Email Marketing

Source: pithhub.com

Email marketing is, and always has been, the most influential and important type of marketing. In fact, many of the top business organizations including law firms, utilize email marketing to reach a larger audience and drive more clients to their websites. After all, email marketing has always had the most ROI value which makes it one of the most recommended marketing channels to use.

Top law firms often design client-centric emails briefly stating their services and then target a very specific demographic. Due to their easy availability, emails can easily be sent to thousands of people without any considerable marketing effort. If your firm is looking for a reliable and easy way to drive sales, then email marketing is your best shot at doing so.

4. Referral Marketing

Source: woorise.com

Many people mistake referral marketing for something that is only limited to sponsored influencers that refer your services to their fanbase. This couldn’t be further from the truth because referral marketing is much more beyond that. Top law firms don’t ask influencers or celebrities to sponsor their services but instead, use word-of-mouth and trust to build relationships that attract new clients by themselves.

By providing excellent and satisfactory service to their clients, top law firms ensure that their clients will only refer their firm to their friends and family members. Word-of-mouth can be considered the most effective way of advertising if you ignore the lack of a big reach.

An individual would trust and prefer the recommendations their family or friends give over everything else. Top law firms capitalize on this which is why there are many elite law firms that do minimal advertising but are still massively successful purely because of their clients’ recommendations.

5. Innovative Marketing

Source: yourbigbusiness.org

Apart from the traditional methods of marketing, there are also other new and innovative marketing methods that help top law firms get immense marketing success. One of such methods is inducing your clients, users, and employees to generate a message or slogan about the company and spreading it as much as possible.

While it typically works much better with commercial products, there are a few law firms that have had success with this tactic and use it extensively. Of course, you can also use networking conferences and conventions to not only market your services but meet other law firm professionals and see what marketing plans they are implementing.

If there are any associations or public meetings happening around you, make sure to join them and network with as many people as possible. This will only help you gain more clients and it’s one of the easiest ways you can market your law firm.


There are several marketing channels that are utilized by the top law firms to gain an increased client base and encourage more clients to avail their law services. We hope this article provided insights on these marketing channels and if it did, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.

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