Magical Warfare Season 2 – Release Date 2024, Cast, Storyline 

The name does give us an insight into the series. The show is a combination of magic and action. Magical warfare has been adapted from a light novel series written by Hisashi Suzuki.


A Peek Into The Storyline

Magical Warfare has been directed by Yuzo Sato. The story revolves around Takeshi Nanase. He studies in a high school. Takeshi faces many obstacles as his past still haunts him. In the past, he went through many troubles and was unable to cope up with anything. He runs into a girl named Mui Aiba when he is on his way to kendo practice. The girl was very ill. Takashi helps Mui get back in a good and healthy shape.

Mui has magical powers. She accidentally turns Takeshi into a magician while she was thanking him for his kind deed. The series has supernatural elements which make it even more amusing. A world for magicians also does exist. Mui is part of a magical academy that trains magicians. Takeshi decides to become a magician and also enrolls in the academy.

There is a twist to the story, a group of magicians is using their power in the wrong manner to conquer the human world. The violent group of magicians known as Ghost Trailers wants to rule over both worlds. This could turn into a catastrophe as it could lead to a second magic war.

It’s up to Takeshi, Kurumi, and Kazumi to save the world.

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Casting Choices We Can Expect

Takeshi Namase is voiced by Mamoru Miyagi in Japanese.

Takeshi is a newbie in high school. He is an expert in the Japanese martial arts kendo and has mastered all the difficult moves. Takeshi’s younger brother Gekko is against his elder brother’s friendship with Kurumi. He moved to the world of magicians instead of returning to the real world as he was turned into a magician by Mui.

He calls his best friend Kurumi by the polite name ‘Isoshima-San’. He has to look after a sword that originally belonged to the 15 great magicians and was called Twilight. The sword has many powers and Takeshi used it to fight off many evils in society. The sad part is that Takeshi loses the sword after his fight with Gekko. He is stuck between Mui and Kurumi. He has feelings for both of them.

Mui Aiba is voiced by Nao Toyama in Japanese. Mui is a magician who accidentally turns Takeshi into a magician as well. She is trying to save her brother from being killed and uses Acceleration Magic. She uses a gun called ‘Arthur’ as a weapon. She was punished by the magical academy for enrolling Takeshi and his friends. The sad part is that she likes Takeshi but is scared that he won’t accept her.

These two main characters would be seen in season 2 as well. The other characters are Kurumi Ishoshima and Kazumi Ida. There are a few side characters as well. Pops, Makoto Hitoji, and Nanami Hyodo are the other characters. The makers are thinking of adding more negative characters to spice up season 2.

When Can We Expect The Release

Season two of the series will be released between 2024-2022. The first season was broadcasted in 2014. It was divided into 12 episodes. The makers have not yet started with the production as the script still needs to be completed.


Final Words

The first season has mixed reviews. Season 2 of the show would have more characters. The audience has got something to look forward to.

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