5 Under-the-Radar Places You Need to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the countries worth visiting if you want an exceptional traveling experience while enjoying the breathtaking views all around you. It’s a country of mountains and lakes, and you will surely find something for yourself. If you want to explore this country, then you should consider the less-known locations, so you can enjoy the surroundings, without a lot of people around you.

Surely, cities like Zurich, Bern, and Geneva, are worth visiting, because they are the most popular ones in the country. But, we can also claim that the whole land is like an artistic masterpiece, and you won’t make any mistake no matter which spot you choose to visit. You can always visit websites like switzerlandbylocals.com so you can plan your trip, and see what’s worth visiting in Switzerland. Once you are there, you can explore the beautiful nature, hotels, resorts, vacation spots, hikes, and many other interesting things this country has to offer to tourists. You can choose to stay in the cities, or go to the mountains and hike, or organize some excursion alone or with a group.

If you are not sure yet, here we have some of the best under-the-radar spots in Switzerland, and you can use this list as a reference to explore your options and create a route for you.

1. Lago Di Saoseo (Lake Saoseo)

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As we said at the beginning of this article, Switzerland has so many mountains and lakes, and you surely already know about Lake Brienz and Oeschinen, as the most popular ones. But, if you want to avoid commercial places all tourists want to visit, you can explore the others and have an even better time there. But, Lago Di Saoseo which is based in Graubunden is like out of this world, and it’s very pretty. The water is crystal clear and surrounded by mountains. It’s considered a hidden gem, since it’s not easy to reach there, and you need to improve your hiking skills, so you can enjoy the nature around this one. But, one thing is for sure, you will enjoy it so much, that you can forget to take some photos and show the people why it’s this place worth visiting.

2. Lugano

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It’s a city based in the south of the country. You have probably heard of it, especially in the movies, since it’s the city of banks. It’s close to the border with Italy. But, no matter that, it’s one of the most affordable cities to visit, and it offers plenty of activities, no matter if you want to stay in the city, or you plan to explore the mountains and trails. The nearest mountain lake is named San Salvatore. Also, Morcote is one of the most beautiful by-the-lake villages you can visit in Swiss. If you enjoy train rides, take a train from Lugano to the nearby Bellinzona, so you can visit some of the most beautiful castles in the world. Also, most of the people who already visited it will recommend you to take a train to arrive there, if possible because you don’t want to miss the breathtaking landscapes around.

3. The Furka Pass

If you are more into road trips, you should consider taking some of the most beautiful Alps roads, and start exploring the surroundings. If you decide to drive the Furka Pass, you will see some of the most beautiful glaciers and peaks, and enjoy the breathtaking views. But, you have to know that it’s usually open through the summer since it’s usually snowy. Check with the authorities to see if the road is open, so you can avoid unpleasant situations. The route starts at Obergoms and ends at Andermatt. It’s about 35 kilometers long, which is enough to see some of the less popular but still exceptional places in Switzerland. And of course, don’t forget to take your camera with you. The scenes are worth it.

4. Flims

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Another hidden gem in Graubunden. In Flims, you can find two beautiful Swiss lakes that attract tourists who are ready for more excitement in their life. You can go for an excursion, or you can choose to stay longer – it’s on you. The two lakes here are Lake Cauma and Lake Cresta. The place is gorgeous, and you can find almost every type of accommodation there. Most of the people who go there are Swiss from the other end of the country, and it’s rarely visited by tourists from other countries.

5. The capital city of Bern

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Many people will wrongly consider that the capital of Switzerland is Zurich or Geneva, especially those who aren’t from Europe. But, the truth is that the capital is Bern, even though it’s the fifth most populous city in the country. But, it’s full of breathtaking landscapes, beautiful old-style houses, authentic surroundings, and it’s protected by UNESCO. You will have a great time if you only wander around and enjoy the local bars and restaurants. Visit the old town, enjoy while visiting the fountains and monuments, and do you know what else you can find there? The house of Albert Einstein, who lived there while working on the theory of relativity. You can use any type of transport, including planes, trains, or cars. This city also provides plenty of options for those who want to stay there on a budget, but also for the people who are ready for a more luxurious experience.


We only mentioned five places that can be your start point as you plan to explore Switzerland. Even though it’s a small European country, it has a lot of attractions and beautiful places to offer for visitors. You can enjoy every type of vacation that you prefer, even if you only want to walk around the city and drink coffee in some of the most popular places around.

Switzerland is one of the countries that offer a lot of excitement for those who decide to visit it. Just check the conditions for traveling during the pandemic, and you can feel free to book your next trip there.

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