Importance of Laboratory Testing Services for the Mining Industry

The mining industry is a specific business field without any doubt. Many people consider it risky because of the potential issues that could occur. The same thing counts for entrepreneurs and workers in this industry. For instance, a business owner is aware of the high risk and capital intensity that this sector comes with. Because of that, many of them will develop mining development strategies that will ensure different forms of innovation, optimization as well as cost control.

When you put into consideration all these factors, it is easy to determine that you need the assistance of professionals. That is the reason why many businesses that operate within the mining industry will decide to collaborate with laboratory testing companies.


Are They Really Important and Why?

It is hard to find the right word to describe their importance. The best possible way to say this is that “laboratory testing services are fundamental for the entire mining industry”. The partnership between these two parties starts from the very beginning.

The lab experts will start the collaboration by doing all the necessary mineralogical and chemical analyses. Together with this process, they will also do the necessary optimization studies of the so-called ore treatment process.

Not every lab is going to get the approval to collaborate with the mining industry. Your duty is to do proper research before deciding on a lab that will meet your requirements and expectations. Generally speaking, the results of all the analyses that we mentioned should be rapid and reliable. All these labs need to purchase the appropriate analytical instruments that could show up reliable results.

For instance, some of the instruments that are reliable you can find on Instruments like that are applicable on all types of wet and dry test samples, and the time they need to complete the process is quick. Of course, some other instruments may be good for some other types of analysis. That is the reason why you should check out the instrument the lab is using and make a good selection of partners that way!

Before we end this part, there is one important thing that we have to say. The lab testing services have the expertise in analyzing the mineral and rock samples. Yet, you will also find some other environmental laps that are mostly specialized for soil, water, and air monitoring. Understanding the difference between these labs is crucial.

On the other hand, when we talk about mining laboratories, there is no just one that you can collaborate with. More precisely, there are three types of lab test services that you can find, and we would like to analyze them all in this article.


Specialized On-Site Automated Lab Testing Services

We will start with some of the most modern types of services that you, as a business owner of a mining company, can use. These companies are especially recommendable to those companies that work in remote areas that are not that reachable. These companies can help mining businesses to boost the level of security, consistency, and effectiveness of their work operations with some amazing automated laboratory systems. However, keep in mind that the costs of this sort of service are not low. Despite that, it is important to mention that they are not always adaptable for small and medium-sized mining projects. So, if your company is successfully working in this industry, then this option may be good. If not, then the second two types of laboratory testing services may be more attractive.


Installations Mobiles: Good for Smaller Businesses

Entrepreneurs from the mining industry around the world have different requirements and expectations. If you are a type of business owner that looks for those labs that do not use complex and large measuring devices, then this type of service is all you need.

Thanks to the simple devices they use, the process lasts shorter and it shows even more reliable results. The experts will use only small mechanical sample units as well as simplified analysis units to complete the measuring procedure.

Anyway, this form of service lab is not only good for the smaller businesses. However, it can also be an essential partner of the businesses that work in remote areas where finding a qualified expert to complete the process is difficult. Despite that, climate conditions also play a key role. If they are severe, then you definitely can count this sort of service is going to be good for you.

Miners use this lab for a very simple reason – they want to reduce the costs of their analysis (these ones are not expensive as the specialized on-site ones) and invest their funds in some other relevant sectors of their business. In other words, we will give ourselves the right to say that this is a budget-friendly option.


Last But Not Least: Fixed Laboratories

Fixed laboratories are the most popular option in the mining industry. These lab services are using different forms of analytical instruments that are grouped into four different units.

The first one is – reception and mechanical preparation unit. Thanks to this unit, the mining labs can prepare the samples properly and prepare them for analytical measurements. After that, the second unit is connected with the geotechnical characterization of rocks. After the geotechnical and physical characteristics are determined, the third unit is connected with chemical characterization. Finally, the last but not least stage is mineralogical characterization. All these stages are equally essential for mining businesses. Labs are aware of that and they will dedicate the same amount of time and energy to all of them. Of course, this only counts if you find the most professional ones.

Final Thought

To make things clear, laboratory testing services are an excellent option for people in the mining industry for a couple of reasons. They can ensure security and different types of cost-effective solutions. Despite that, all the results that you are waiting to see are going to appear soon. Because of that, this can also be a time-saving option. The importance of laboratory testing services for the mining industry is huge!

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