Can You Take Canadian Citizenship Test Online

Taking the test is never easy, especially when it comes to taking a citizenship one, as the results from doing one can affect your entire plans and even future. When it comes to applying for one, depending on which country you want to become a citizen of, the rules and tests vary as, for some, there isn’t a test at all, while for others, rules are quite rigorous. If we look at things from another perspective, before becoming a citizen of some country, a person should at least learn the basics about it, like geography and must-know history facts. Lately, with everything going on in the world and with so many civil wars around the globe, migrations are inevitable as people are literally running for their lives. That is why we can so often hear or read in the news about immigrants, as it is perhaps the most important topic these days, besides the pandemic. But that’s a pretty complex subject, so let’s leave it for another day, and today, let’s focus on how one can apply for a citizenship test.

Among all other countries, Canada is one of the most popular countries that people want to move and live in, and for the right reasons. Namely, it is a country with so many possibilities that lay on more than 9 million square kilometers, and as for the weather, since it is so large, depending on where you are planning to go, weather conditions can get really tough. Above all, it is a country where one can easily settle, with unique culture and customs, and full of people from all parts of the world. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon that companies are looking for employees in Europe and Asia as there is plenty of work but not enough manpower. Of course, before planning your future in Canada, you will first need to become a citizen, and due to circumstances, many often wonder whether it is possible to take the Canadian citizenship test online, so, without further ado, let’s answer some often raised questions.


Must you take a test?

In some situations, we do not need to take a test, and the only necessary thing is to go to an interview, which is a great thing. Going to an interview is a much easier option, and we do not need to have as much knowledge as we need to have when we prepare for the citizenship test. The general rule is that all adults from 18 to 54 years need to take a test and go to an interview in order to become Canadian citizens, but there are some exceptions, and we will mention them. People older than 55 years need only to go to the interview, and the same thing is with teenagers from 14 to 17 years who do not have a parent with citizenship, or their parent is applying together with them. Children under 14 who do not have a parent with citizenship, or their parent is applying together with them in most cases do not even need to go to the interview. The same thing is with those children under 18 whose parent has citizenship or is applying for it at the same time as a child.


How does it look?

Everything you know about examinations that were done in person until now is the same for those that need to be done online due to the current situation. What does that mean? Well, it means that you still need to know the basics of the history and geography of Canada, but also about its government, laws, and economy, and to understand symbols. There is no need to worry about language because the test does not contain any questions about French or English language and grammar questions from any of those languages. The time provided for solving the test is half an hour, and during that time, you need to answer 20 questions on the subjects we mentioned before. It may seem like not enough time, but the questions are formulated in such a way that it is enough for those who have enough knowledge.


Is there a second chance?

Many people are afraid of taking tests, and the one for citizenship is probably the one that most people are scared of because they are not sure what if they do not succeed. Jitters and fear can paralyze us, so we don’t even know the answers to those questions that we were sure we would do correctly. Because of that, it is good to know that we will have a second chance if we fail to pass the test the first time. Knowing that will prevent unnecessary stress, and we will be more comfortable answering the questions. If we pass on the second try, everything is the same like we did on the first try, and if we fulfill the other requirements, we can expect our ceremony date within the next month.


How long do I need to wait for the results?

We have great news for people who are too impatient to find out the results of the test. Once all the questions on the test are finished, or the time expires, there is no need to wait long to check what you have done and did you passed. You will receive the results immediately, and if other requirements are fulfilled, you can prepare yourself for the citizenship ceremony because you will find out the date of it together with the results.

The bottom line

After reading everything we mentioned above, things about whether it is possible and how to take the Canadian citizenship test online should hopefully get much clearer for you. Luckily, there are also plenty of ways to get more info, along with some guidance on this topic, which is why visiting should be one of your top priorities. There is no such thing as too much information, and getting some tips is something we all want and need, especially when it is about something as important as this.

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