LG G Watch R Review

LG G Watch R is a new smartwatch that brings a lot of features and is an ideal competitor to others Android Wear devices. It is a good looking watch that comes with OLED display that makes the look a lot better than others. It has as durable design and also brings handy android features. Somehow LG has tried to make this watch perfect. But when it comes to a very portable device like Watch, things get already limited. You have less space to put hardware and that is why you won’t be able to get much upgraded not the same. This watch works well with Android devices only. That means if you are having iPhone then you cannot use it.

Compare to a recent release Moto 360, LG G Watch fell short on the battery life. We will check the same out in detail later on. It looks that this time a new resolution will change the look of boring watch. Here we are having a new set of device that is called Smart watch and each a new model brings something new. We will be testing LG G Watch R, an amazing new model which can compete with the new Moto 360 to some extent and prove that it is better.

LG G Watch R Review

The rise of Android Wear is a new thing that will help many people to get smart features over Smartphone’s. You do not have to rely on your tablet or mobile for the same. You have that in the phone here. Moto 360 was hyped because of its design and UI. To beat that LG G Watch R is out and it can be a match for the same. This is the one thing we will be finding out soon. Here a smart watch can help you to get more than a time. After connecting the same to your android device you can control your audio, you can check notification, you can write notes, etc.

New apps will be also compatible that will contribute more to the health and fitness. Samsung on the same hand has released Samsung Gear before which is also a full featured smartwatch.  Confusion is very obvious here. A smartwatch with Smartphone will make us smarter and save a lot time to work.

LG G Watch R is an amazing piece here. This watch is the latest Android Wear product that is released after a 3 years of R&D. This watch gives you a round shape OLED display which makes it more unique. And this display is glossy offering you great touch support. The design is very impressive here.

There are other watches that come mostly in square shape leaving Moto 360 and LG G Watch R aside. I am quite happy to have this model which is amazing and also very easy to use. The overall design looks like durable to me. This watch cost around $299. And this makes it a bit more cheaper compare to Moto 360. So here will be having a close look on the design and output of LG G Watch R. We will also find that whether it is a worth buying device or not.


LG G Watch R has a unique round OLED display which makes it unique. LG’s work is not completed after adding the round screen. With that the UI, features and usability also matters a lot. The good part here is that LG G Watch R syncs very easily with any android device. But it won’t support others like Blackberry, iOS, etc. You can use it only on Android. This does not really limit the usage.

LG G Watch R Design

As Android is the most common OS around the globe and it is used by many. You won’t be getting features of Android on any other platform. The body of LG G Watch R is quiet durable. It is the place where it scores more than other. It is made from lightweight yet strong body enclosure. Having a smartwatch allow you to do lot of unique things, like you don’t have to peek in your phone all the time to check the notifications. Which can be related to mail, facebook, chat, messages, etc. You can also use the smartwatch to control the phone ringing or music. All these things can make you feel like bond.

LG G Watch R handles voice command very well. This is a extra feature in this watch which makes it a more unique device. While other watches, voice command is not provided or available in the limited phone. With nice ready to use commands you can set alarm, you can also add notes just by saying.

LG G Watch R Design 1

For example you can tell to set a alarm after 10 minutes and the watch will do the job. Voice recognition is not very bad in it. It is cable to properly understand different accent. With some practice you can make yourself comfortable in using the voice control support. The watch also comes with music and camera control features. Though the touchscreen you can also navigate between different songs or you can just use the camera for the same. For camera it will give you a big shutter button on the screen. You can keep the phone camera at one place and press it to take pictures.

If you had connected any Bluetooth speaker or headphone to the phone, you can use the watch to control your music. Everything there relies on the top touch screen. You can use audio app and sync that with phone. You will get big control button for the same. Quiet a handy feature when you are listening audio in a train or bus or while cycling.

LG G Watch R Design

The watch provide you support for Google Now cards. They appear directly on the watch that helps you to do more things. Being a circular display does not means you cannot read notification on the same. You can read them properly. Most of the email notifications are placed at the bottom side of the screen. You have to tap them to open a tiny snippet of text that can give you the text details. Not entire but a few to identify the message. With the same thing you can set a appointment. So here you can see it is a very handy to use. For body this watch is Dust & Water Resistance.

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