Nokia N1 vs Nexus 9 Comparison Review

Nokia finally brought its new tablet called as “Nokia N1”. This is the first android tablet by Nokia that might surprise you in many ways. Here we will be directly comparing Nokia N1 with Google’s latest Tablet, Nexus 9. Google Nexus 9 is another new model which is quiet great and can be an ideal choice for your daily needs. But on the same hand Nokia N1 will stay on the reliable part giving you long lasting output and even decent performance.

Nokia N1 vs Nexus 9


We will start with the design part. If you have a closer look on Nokia N1 then you see durable aluminum body and a lightweight design. The weight of this tablet is around 318g while Nexus 9 gets heavier with 425g. That is because it of its matte plastic back and brushed metal sides. It is also thicker compared to Nokia.

There is not a very high difference between these devices. Nokia N1 is around 6.9 mm while Nexus 9 gets around 7.95 m thick. Compare to Nokia N1, Nexus 9 owns more in the look part. It is decent. Due to a nice glossy plastic back it looks a bit better here. And N1 gives you a look of regular tablet. But it is thinner.


Nokia N1 could have more great design if it was having good body elements here. I do not really think aluminum body is going to offer much; instead using plastic will make it shinier.

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The screen quality matters a lot because that is the only part from where we can use the tablets. Nokia N1 is smaller in screen size compare to Nexus 9. This tablet gives you a 7.9 inch of screen size where you get a 4:3 aspect ratio. The maximum resolution that you will be getting from this tablet is around 2048 x 1536. And compare to that if you have a look on Nexus 9 then here we are having an 8.9 inch screen size with a 4:3 aspect ratio too. And the maximum resolution that you are going to get on the same is 2048 x 1536.

Obviously a big bigger screen means higher resolution. Both of tablet are having a common display technology is IPS LCD. Here bigger screen gives you more comfort for working. But this also makes the tablet heavy. Nexus 9 is having an amazing screen size and when it comes to the screen quality both the tablets are giving you same features. There is nothing special here.

Nexus 9 Design

Another thing that matters lot is pixel density. Here Nexus 9 offers you 324ppi mean more clarity while Nokia N1 is limited to 287ppi. On the other hand Nexus N9 has a bit issue with sunlight readability.


Both the tablets are running on new 64bit hardware. And both of them are having quiet common hardware specification which makes them same on the performance level. If we see closely in Nokia N1 then we are having a 64-bit quad-core processor. The CPU is Intel Atom Z3580 which is powered at 2.3 GHz clock rate. And it is further supported by 2GB Ram.

Nexus N9 also has the same kind of Specs expect the CPU, i.e. Nvidia Tegra K1 CPU clocked at 2.3 GHz. And has the same 2GB ram. There is not a very huge difference between the outputs of both the tablet. Both are having a 2GB ram that makes it a good choice for people to use. And both of them also run on the latest Android 5.0 Kitkat operating system.

If we take a close look on the cpu then there can be a tiny difference in the output. Here Intel Atom Z3580 is having more benefits over Tegra K1, because Intel Atom Z3580 is a desktop processor which is designed to work better on low power. Both are good on multi tasking also.  If you are looking something for gaming only then going for Nexus 9 is good.

OS and UI:

As both of them are loaded with Android 5.0 kitkat operating system, Nokia N1 gets a bit extra through Nokia Z Launcher. You can download and test this from Google Play. It is a free launcher and has a quiet nice look. It will add more performance. While Nexus 9 runs on the stock Android 5.0 Lollipop rom.


Here both are good according to me, but you get more benefits on Nokia N1 due to its own custom launchers. Things are nicely optimized on the same. You can do a lot of work. While on Nexus 9 you can add different launchers and make it more perfect. Both will be getting all future updates.

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