How To Obtain Good PVP Gear For Arena In World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is now a widely known MMORPG game that has gained a lot of fans around the world. The game itself is already exciting – but its most exciting part is the fight in the Arena. Of course, player-vs-player combat requires skill, but also good equipment. Therefore, let’s look at how to obtain good PvP gear for arena battles in WoW.

WoW Is Truly WOOOW!

Billions of dollars, hundreds of millions of user accounts, eight expansions. Annual earnings exceed the earnings of 26 countries. And all that in less than two decades of existence. If you are wondering which company or service it is – you are not a big fan of video games, that is, you do not fall into the category of gamers. Of course, this is now a widely known game of World of Warcraft, whose popularity does not seem to wane with time. On the contrary! Players are still crazy about this game and eagerly await all the new expansions to experience their content. The popularity of this game is of almost a pandemic range – and an increasing number of new players are being recorded every day. Still, the biggest adrenaline rush is achieved by fighting in the Arena. There, all players can realistically measure their strengths. At that very place, you and your team are fighting together for victory, fame, and better ranking.

How To Make A Success In The Arena When You Play WoW?


When we analyze it a little better, we will see that WoW is a very complex MMORPG game – because it contains a lot of elements. To be successful in this game, you must be team-oriented, have a strategic way of thinking – and also rely on your skills such as speed, mechanical strength, etc. You need these qualities both in playing adventure on the map – and in the Arena itself. Therefore, whatever you choose, you must develop your PvP skills if you want to rank better. Of course, the right place for that is Arena, so here are some tips on how to improve your abilities, but also the PvP gear that you need here.

How To Choose Good PvP Gear And Accessories

Most WoW players who have reached a certain ranking that they can boast about – will tell you that gear and extras are the most important items for fights in the WoW Arena. When you wish to improve your gear – it is possible to do it in several ways.


First of all, we have Honor as one of the methods you can use to achieve this. It is a special currency that players can use if they want to buy equipment from one of the existing PvP suppliers. You can acquire this currency through PvP fights in any form – so it doesn’t have to be just through rated PvP matches. Honor is also much needed for some other things, such as upgrading your equipment to higher ranks.

Conquest points


Also, you can play Arena for the so-called Conquest Points, where you can get up to 550 points per week since it is a limited set. Unfortunately, most gear pieces will cost you more than 550pts, so you will probably need a couple of weeks to reach enough to afford the desired gear.

Buying boosters

Certainly, this is an option that is available and used by more players than you might think. Whether you need to improve your rating or to improve your skills with professional help – boosters are certainly of great help. You can opt for Arena Conquest Cap, Arena Rating, or Coaching – and very quickly overcome the obstacles that made you struggle in PvP battles. You can see for yourself that buying a booster can truly be a great solution on sites like

Class selection and ability to rotate

Mobility and rotation are probably the most important features when playing WoW in a PvP environment. As with other MMORPG games, the system is the same – the better you know the game, the better your chances of winning a PvP fight in the Arena. So perhaps the best solution is to opt for one class. When you choose a class in which you can specialize, then you can further improve your character. Sometimes it’s a much better option to be good at one or two categories you can dominate – than to waste your strength on multiple fronts and not succeed on any of them.

Hotbar add-ons


If you desire to improve efficiency in the Arena, then accessories are also very important – so you must not forget that. Having plugins like Hotbar, damage meters, or aids for better rotation – will help you improve the game and stand out faster from your opponents. However, to use it all wisely, you must have prior knowledge of the game and the fights in the Arena – as well as your teammates, opponents, etc. That’s why it’s very important to research all of these things in advance – but also check out some of the World of Warcraft add-on guides. When you look at the add-on lists, their performance, reviews, and rankings – you will have a far clearer idea of how you can use them smarter in PvP meetings in the Arena.


Whether you play solo or in a team, the fact is that the most exciting part of playing World of Warcraft is the Arena. It is a place where we can fight against other players – and show all the skills and abilities of the character we have chosen for ourselves. A large number of players experience the combats in the Arena very personally – very similar to athletes on the field. This is not so strange considering the long time many players spend in front of the monitor practicing, improving their skills – and working on improving their equipment in WoW. As important as your skills are in combat, gear is just as important because your skills will come to the fore even more. So hopefully you will now know how easier it is to obtain the gear you need for PvP fights in the WoW Arena.

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