4 Reasons Why Biodynamic Food is Better Than Organic

We’re witnessing the fact that people are more inclined towards healthy food than before. Sure, this was always a popular thing, but we know that junk food was the most consumed one for many years. Not only that, another significant trend in the world is eco-consciousness and sustainability.

So, when you combine these two elements, you get the result of biodynamic and organic food. Naturally, a vast majority of people out there have heard about these terms, but they do not know what they mean exactly. Therefore, gathering as much knowledge as possible on them is an absolute must.

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Not only that, we want to discuss all the reasons why biodynamic food is believed to be much better than organic.

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Bio-Dynamic vs. Organic

We will all agree that organic food is a term we have much more knowledge about. It represents the values of traditional methods of farming pretty much all the people in the world love it. You know that this method means that the food produced this way has a quality nutrient and a great flavor.

Besides that, these are not treated with any sort of chemicals and fertilizers that we are used to. While these were used by a lot of farmers in the world, recent studies have confirmed they have a bad effect on human health. Plus, the use of pesticides is limited to the lowest possible level.

With the biodynamic approach, the farmers try to rely solely on the products on their farm, without purchasing too many artificial products. The goal is to create self-sufficient farms. Also, it utilizes fertilizers that are created solely from natural components, which have proved themselves effective.

5 Reasons Why Biodynamic is a Better

Now that you know the difference between these two terms, let’s see why biodynamic would be a better choice for you.

1. Clearer Standards

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The first reason we want to point out is that the standards about the biodynamic approach are clearer and stricter than is the case with organic. For instance, these farms can be created only if a certain government institution issues the certificates to the producers. Otherwise, products cannot be marketed that way.

We would say that these standards have made a clear difference between these two approaches since they were considered interchangeable for many years. Furthermore, the use of fertilizer is not completely forbidden with the biodynamic approach. However, the ingredients inside them are strict.

You will certainly agree that creating fertilizers on your own is a big money saver. Farmers can produce all the ingredients that can be used for making the fertilizer. It can be said that these would be much more effective and healthier for them to use it. These standards definitely help with that.

2. Healthy Soil

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One of the biggest problems our civilization has these days is whether we will have enough food to feed all the people on the planet. While the size of arable land is not an issue, it is obvious that the production is not at the level that would satisfy the needs of the increasing world population.

Plus, we can see that the use of chemicals that harm human health also damages the quality of the soil. Therefore, nobody should be surprised why the percentage of healthy soil has declined significantly over the years, especially in poorer countries. So, you can see that this has become quite a big problem.

Thankfully, the biodynamic approach can be described as a win-win. The reason is that it allows the usage of fertilizers, but only those who are completely safe to use, both for consumers and soil. So, you can see that the food produced as a result of this method is completely safe to use.

3. Adding Humus

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Another reason why we believe the biodynamic approach is much better is the addition of humus to the soil. The way humus can assist with increasing the quality of food is that it can add much-needed minerals that are possibly absent from the soil.

Better yet, humus doesn’t have the usual smell characteristic for soil additions. Plus, it has all the moisture needed for the plants to grow. It needs to be said that many techniques can make humus even more effective than they would be without them.

However, the producer needs to be fully aware of how to implement these techniques properly, otherwise, they cannot be efficient. As a result of adding humus to the soil, the food will have a much better taste, and the overall quality will be much higher.

4. Use in Cosmetics

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Little is known about the fact that products that are grown this way can be used for much more than just diet. For example, some of these can be used in cosmetics. One of the most widespread trends in this industry is using quality food products for cosmetics, just check all the credible sites and you will see we’re right on this claim.

Some of the experts in this field say that the connection plants have with a healthy environment and soil can become an irreplaceable ingredient for cosmetic products of the highest quality. Many standout companies in this industry have already stated they use these ingredients.


In a world where our civilization tries to be much more careful about the environment, we believe that biodynamic agriculture is something that can be considered an important part of the puzzle. Australia was the first country to introduce this idea, and many other countries have followed this example.

Here, you can check out all the crucial reasons why this sort of food is much better than those produced with an organic approach. We’re sure that you will find this insight helpful with understanding why this approach could become a thing for the future.

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