What’s So Special About Cartier Frames?

Glasses are one of the most common items used by people around the world. Regardless of age, gender, nation, place of residence, glasses are a mass need. It does not matter whether it is dioptric or sunny, branded or lesser known, it is a universal product, which serves a purpose, but also as a fashion detail.

In the past, prescription glasses were worn more by middle-aged people until old age. Today, constant work behind the monitor, reading and constant use of the eyes, does its thing. There are more and more children and younger population who wear prescription glasses and can’t do without them.

Sunglasses are also an imperative of today. Harmful effects of the sun’s UV radiation require protection for both the skin and the eyes. As a result, sunglasses became necessary at all points of the globe. Such a mass need for something, of course, follows fashion. All major designer houses, in addition to clothing, footwear and accessories, offer sunglasses, which are often ranked high, such as jewelry and watches.

In the multitude of beautifully designed frames for glasses, we can safely say that the frames of the Cartier eyeglasses always stand out. They cannot go unnoticed because they captivate with their quality, originality and beauty.

What makes Cartier eyeglass frames special:

1. Material from which Cartier frames are being made

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It is clear that Cartier bases its empire on quality materials and high criteria when it comes to workmanship. It is completely irrelevant whether it is jewelry or glasses, Cartier has set a standard that is difficult to achieve.

Their frames are covered with gold, and they are made of platinum and titanium. Acetate is a material of plant origin and is made of 75% cotton fibers. Its basic shape is liquid and transparent, and when making the frame, it is poured into molds, where it forms a shape, while adding the desired color. These are frames that cost around $ 1000 and represent the latest developments in this area.

The bottom line is that whichever Cartier frame you choose, you can be sure of its durability and durability. Cartier will not disappoint you And that is something that is definitely guaranteed.

2. Frame shape

Form design already belongs to the domain of artistic expression. Along with the legendary classics that Cartier nurtures, the following models:

-Cartier Vendome (elegant, fragile look, decent colors of glass, vintage style, the best recommendation for them is that they were worn by James Bond in the movie A View To Kill).

-Louis Cartier (this model is specific and inspired by the Cartier heritage. The glasses are almost invisible, because the frame around them does not exist, and ultra-thin handles are made of 18-karat gold in white, yellow and pink. Its price is between 5000 -7850 $ I represents a status symbol.)

-Santos de Cartier (this is a frame that combines modern and functional, and with a classic aviator look. Striking look, reminiscent of active and dynamic people, but impresses with its luxurious design).

-Cartier’s buffalo horn (in its wide offer Cartier also has a model, which is made of Asian buffalo horn. Cartier house guarantees that no animal is killed for their needs and that part of the horn is taken only from buffalo bred and This frame is highly valued because it is durable and light, and has an exotic look. It also has a high price, but guarantees quality and exclusivity.)

These are just some examples of the most famous models, but there is a huge offer of various forms of Cartier frames on the market and you can view more online. Decorated with real diamonds, then coated with all existing gold colors, thicker, thinner, with an animal print, square, round, cat-like… in the game is absolutely everything you can imagine.

3. Price

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As it stands out in terms of quality and design, we must note that Cartier frames also stand out in terms of price. We have already listed some of the particularly high ones, but for exclusive models you have to pay more. There are also those on offer, much cheaper, also of interesting appearance and enviable quality. Their prices range from $ 400 and up, and anyone who cares about owning one of these famous pieces will find a way to afford them. It is a purchase that is not done every day. You can wear your copy of Cartier glasses for years and consider it one of your favorite things to wear wherever you go.

4. Design

There are never enough words to describe the design of Cartier products. Like jewelry, eyeglass frames belong to the category of works of art. First of all, excellently designed, then carefully thought out in terms of materials, and with all that meticulously, jeweled, to the smallest details and engravings. Certain models are a challenge for lovers of art and aesthetics, to study richly made frames with a magnifying glass, in detail and easily. Both connoisseurs and amateurs cannot help but admire such precious specimens, the results of someone’s brilliant ideas and inspirations, and their incredible craftsmanship.

5. Warranty

Source: vintage-sunglasses-shop.com

Every frame, as well as every piece of jewelry and, in general, everything that is produced and released under the auspices of the monumental name Cartier, must have a guarantee. With each copy, in a luxury box, there will be a guarantee, which allows you to be sure that the chosen item will serve you for a long time and will not change its guaranteed characteristics. You can be relaxed, for that matter. And if you bought a frame or sunglasses in an authorized Carter salon or boutique, over time you will make sure that you are not wrong.


Big world names and brands, from various fields, did not happen to be what they are. They guarantee quality, originality, top performance and durability. Cartier’s decades-long, even centuries-old, established place on the market proves that there is no fraud or improvisation, at any time, or on any piece of jewelry, glasses, watches… Everything works perfectly, associates glamor and luxury and there is no buyer who will not be too pleased with this choice.

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