The Truth About Online Casinos That You Must Know Before Using Them

There are different kinds of gambling websites you can choose from. We can divide them into numerous categories, depending on their license, what they offer, and how to access them. Usually, people separate them into two main categories based on their primary betting sections. As a result, we can choose between online casinos and bookmakers.

Although bookies are popular, many people have become more interested in online casinos, especially in the last couple of years. This is evidenced by the many websites like Silentbet, where gamblers worldwide can find the best reviews of casinos, promo codes, and special options. What’s more, this site offers special demo versions of the most popular casino games.

The websites that offer casino games have many advantages over the standard ones, which make them the preferred option for many users. With that being said, many gamblers who want to use those things do not have enough information about these sites. This article will cover all of the things you may not have heard of regarding online casinos.

Most betting companies only have one license and are most likely not legal in your country


You don’t need to be a lawyer to figure out that the gambling legislation is strict in every country. There are many places around the world where the government does not allow any kind of gambling activities because it is scared that people will lose a lot of money. Having said that, many jurisdictions have opened their doors to gambling in its different forms because those things generate huge revenues. Hence, the companies involved in it pay jaw-dropping taxes.

With that being said, countries usually have some sort of regulators because those things allow them to keep an eye on the companies that offer gambling services. Depending on the jurisdictions, casinos and bookies have to adhere to all sorts of rules to get on the list. In some cases, they also have to pay huge amounts of money.

Since this process is very complicated and takes tons of resources, many new online casinos can’t afford to go through it. So, instead of limiting the locations, they operate in, those places are registered in an offshore zone and obtain a license from places like Curacao.

Although this permit should not allow the given brand to operate in other countries, many casinos can be accessed worldwide. The fact that those operators don’t have a permit from the gambling institution within the given jurisdiction doesn’t prevent it from accepting players.

Even though you should be able to sign up and use this site, you won’t be able to count on the gambling regulator in your country if you need help. This regulator won’t have the authority to force the given casino to change its rules or assist you.

It is highly unlikely to find casino games developed by the specific operator you’re using


If you look at some of the top-tier betting sites that offer casino games, you will see that most of them have thousands of alternatives. There are so many games to choose from that operators often have to create multiple subcategories. If you look at the companies available, you will notice that some of them even have a search category that lets gamblers type a given game’s name and find it within seconds.

People who haven’t used an online casino before are usually shocked by the number of games and wonder how the given operator managed to offer so many titles. The answer is simple – almost none of the top-tier casinos develops their games in-house. This takes too much time and costs a lot of money, so companies prefer to use products created by software developers.

Some of you may be disappointed after learning that your favorite casino is not responsible for the games it offers, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Some of the world’s most popular casino software suppliers have been around for many years and know how to satisfy online bettors. Their games have incredible graphics, and they always make sure to provide updates.

Aside from the casinos that use the services of brands like Pragmatic Play and NetEnt, there are a few operators that try to develop in-house casino games. Some of them look cool and offer interesting things, but if you compare them to those offered by the brands mentioned above, you can see that they are not on the same level.

The bonuses you can find are not often as good as they seem


In addition to everything we’ve said so far, online casinos have one major advantage over any other type of betting website – they offer unique bonuses. Even people who’ve been involved in this business for many years are often impressed by the propositions. Some of the offers, such as those that provide bonus funds, can give you thousands of dollars because they provide 2x, 3x, or even 5x your initial deposit.

Although there might be operators where you can get this amount and have loads of fun, most places are not like that. Sure, some bonuses and free offers can provide you with an additional amount of money, but you realize it has a 50x or even a 60x rollover requirement once you start using it. Hence, you have to use the bonus funds 50 or 60 times in order to withdraw it.

What’s more, some of these casino bonuses do not allow users to play every casino game. In most cases, they are only accessible for specific pre-selected options, such as certain slots.

Some casinos may not be able to offer all of their products in your country


Due to the legal reasons mentioned above, you shouldn’t be surprised if you notice that some of the world’s most famous online casinos do not offer all of the products they are known for.

Since most brands outsource their games, the casino software suppliers also need to meet certain regulations if they want to provide casino games. Some of them can’t adhere to the rules in some countries, so the government does not allow them to offer their services there.

Hence, many top-tier casino operators only provide a handful of the things that are accessible in other jurisdictions.

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