4 Secrets to Making Pizza in an Outdoor Pizza Oven

Is there anyone on this world that does not like pizza? Enjoying a good slice is true regardless of the culture, of tradition, or geographical location. Something as universally popular as pizza needs no introduction as it has been uniting (and dividing) people for decades. While it may have started as the meal of the poor in rural Italy, it established itself as one of the most recognizable delicacies and comfort food ever. The best thing about pizza is that anyone can make it on their own. There is no once single recipe and you cannot really go wrong regardless of what you put on it, even if it is the infamous pineapple. Joking aside, having your own favorite pizza means always getting the chance to make it yourself at home and enjoy it for any meal, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Although it can be made in any old oven or even in a pan if you are crafty and handy enough, there is of course the right way to make it. It cannot be expected for regular people to have full pizza ovens at home like the ones pizzerias have, nor would you need one for that matter. For home use it is best to have something meant for pizzas, a means to properly make it and not be limited to regular kitchen options that you use for other food. Since the need for this was great, people came up with the idea of a pizza oven, an oven meant specifically for preparing this amazingly versatile delicacy. That is not all either as the best types of these ovens are actually the outdoor varieties. In order to prepare the best pizzas, you possibly can you need to know the secrets of making them in outdoor ovens. Read on to learn more about this and be sure to check out thebestpizzaoven.co.uk for more.

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1. Make Sure It Is Wood

Outdoor pizza ovens can run on different fuels. It can be wood, gas, electricity, or coal. Some offer more than one solutions but most only specify in one. If you want your homemade, gourmet, artisan pizza to taste as good as it can, you should invest in an oven that runs on wood. Wood gives it the best taste, that original flavor that you have probably had many times but was never able to replicate at home. That is because you have never burned woof for the specific purpose of cooking or baking something with the heat it produces. Pizza ovens are shaped differently than regular ovens. They support the circular shape of the pizza and are oval with an open end. All of this combines to give the best possible flavor right in your own backyard. Therefore, if you are serious about your cooking and want to replicate what pizza masters are doing, make sure the outdoor oven you are using uses wood as fuel. There is something magical and special about using wood in cooking that nothing else can replicate.

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2. Gas or Electricity for Ease of Use

If you do not care about authentic flavors and just want a place to prepare good pizza at home, you can pick an oven that makes use of either gas or electricity as fuel. They are straightforward to use, the pizza comes out ready faster, and it is extremely easy to clean. For Italian food lovers who want tasty specialties but also the most convenient way to prepare it, there is no better option than either of these two ovens. This is also the better way to still have your own oven even if you are not otherwise a home cook. Pizza is for everyone and it should be easily enjoyable no matter your cooking skills. Also, these two ovens are usually the ones that are portable so you have another perk if you want to bake pizza on gas or electricity.

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3. Use Fresh ingredients

If you want to make good pizza at home it is simply not enough to have a quality pizza oven. It is a start, and a very good one, but it is not nearly enough. The ingredients you use are by far the most crucial thing in the whole process of preparing it, especially if you have a wood oven. Taking advantage of the flavor that the wood will give the pizza is only possible if the ingredients are also authentic. Buy fresh mushrooms, and quality cheese, and make your own tomato paste. The olives should be top-notch; the meat(s) you choose should not be processed. These are all important steps in ensuring the pizza comes out gorgeous to look at and delicious to eat. And mind that you do not overstuff the dough prior to the baking. Too much toppings will ruin the pizza and make it hard to eat and handle. Speaking of dough…

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4. Make Your Own Dough

Store bought pizza dough is fine and well when you want a quick pizza. But if you are investing in an outdoor pizza oven, you should not be lazy and settle for just about any frozen pizza dough from the supermarket. Making dough is among the easier things in cooking. Finding a recipe that suits your needs and desires and learning how to make it, let it rest, and then develop onto a pan will take you only a couple of tries before you get the hang of it. Again, the better the ingredients in the dough, the better the final product. And since we have already established that you will be using wood as fuel and nothing but the freshest toppings, why then not make sure the dough is also high level? The thing about making amazing pizza is that the secrets are not really secrets. They are well known facts that experienced cooks and chefs know and sear by. Making sure that every step of the way is right will give you an amazing meal and it will only be a matter of time before you start experimenting with toppings, different shapes, and all sorts of culinary magic.

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