Baccarat vs Mini Baccarat Main Differences & How to Play

The online industry is a very diverse one filled to the brim with all sorts of different games to choose from. There are also many takes on the same game with regional differences, traditional and modern traits that almost make them separate games, and many slight changes that are enough to revamp the whole experience. Over the many decades and centuries of gambling, people have come up with intuitive and clever ways of playing games by utilizing different cards, dice, and other elements. This has brought upon an age of gambling that often makes it difficult for people to even pick a game to play.

Things became all the more diverse with the onset of online gambling and web-based casinos. All of a sudden, gambling games started resembling actual video games and there were thousands of new ones to try out. All the new changes resulted in both online and traditional gambling being popular, the former more than the latter, and players having thousands of games to pick whenever and wherever they decide to play. You no longer have to have a favorite game in order to enjoy a gambling session. Far from it, as you can pick and choose which ones to play and switch between them whenever you feel like doing so.


The Classics

As much as the industry has changed in recent years, the classic games remained largely the same both in terms of their importance and popularity as well as how they are played. Arguably the most popular and widespread gambling games include poker, blackjack, and roulette. These tree are the true classics of casinos as they are present all over the world as obligatory options for the players. Everyone knows them, everyone has heard of them, and most gamblers have tried them. With different combinations of skill and luck needed to be good at them, they offer something for everyone. Coming in the fourth spot in terms of importance and status but actually being the game that is played the most is the slot. When sheer numbers are concerned, slot machines are king. There are hundreds of them at every brick and mortar casino and thousands of them available on the web.

So these are the four most popular games, but what about the rest of them? Are there any other popular games that are almost equally as beloved and fun to play? The answer is an obvious yes, as in this article we explore the game of baccarat. Not many people know that this gambling game actually comes in two versions, baccarat and mini baccarat. Already there is something about this game that you probably never knew about. So join us as in the following sections we explore the main differences between these two varieties of baccarat and tell you how to play them. It is good to take a break from the games you know every once in a while and try something new. Baccarat is perfect for this and it can actually become your go-to game if you give it some time and thought. For more about online gambling and the game of baccarat, make sure to check out


Slight Differences

As the names of these two games suggest, the differences are only slight between them. The speed at which they are played as well as the format is different. However, there is also the question of how safe they are or rather how dangerous they are in terms of losing money. Let us start with the traditional game first and then move onto the mini variety.

Baccarat is a game preferred by the high rollers and it is played on tables that can fit 12 players at the least. The minimum bet is usually $100, which is a lot when compared to other gambling games. The table is worked by a minimum of three dealers and a floor person to make a total of four. However, the players also deal the cards which is a unique thing about this casino game. It is a classy, elegant game that is also thought of as leisure time. Regular baccarat is also called Big Bac because of the big table at which it is played. While it used to be the more popular version and the original game, Big Bac is actually being offered less and less because it makes more financial sense for the casinos to offer more Mini Bac tables.

Mini baccarat also has a nickname, which you may have guessed to be Mini Bac. The table is much smaller when compared to the regular game, usually just like a blackjack table. There is a single dealer and they are the only body that deals or even touches the cards. It is a faster game than Big Bac, with many claiming it to be the fastest game a casino can offer. Because of this, regardless of smaller house edges, it is a dangerous game to get hooked on and chase a winning streak in as you can lose a lot of money in a matter of minutes. Since nobody but the dealer touches the cards, the game is based on how fast the dealer deals, which is pretty fast. There can be anywhere from 120 to 200 hands in Mini Bac and an average player will face an average of 40 decisions per game.


Both versions of the game have the same basic objective, which is to guess one of three possible outcomes: the winner being the player or the bank, or perhaps a tie. The player and the bank are dealt two cards, with a third one being optional sometimes. The hand closest to nine or a nine wins. The deal is counterclockwise at the table and the player who deals has to do so until the bank stops winning. When a player’s hand wins, the next player starts dealing. Baccarat is also one of the rare games that pays one to one, so if you bet $110 you win $110. This is true if the player hand wins, but if the bank bet wins then there is a 5% commission. The house edge on the bank hand being the winner is 1.17% while for the player hand it is 1.36%. Ties are never really bet on.

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