Best Android apps for Women Safety and Protection

As per the current scenario in our country, I do not think all girls really feel secure. There is a time limit for everyone to reach home. Especially for girls. In India, in last few years we had seen the most drastic rape cases. Victims have to go under serious physiological crisis to deal with that. And above that our law is again more torturing.

It is always best to be alert rather falling into some kind of trap. If you are having an android device then there are some apps you can try to increase your security. Like app that can send alert messages to your most recent or close contacts and alert them that you are not safe. But with that you need a strong mind to deal with the situation. Most of the worst cases happen when the victim gets frighten. It is very important to stand and fight back if you are in any of this situation.

So here if you are really worried then you can try out some apps that I am going to list you in your phone. These apps come with various options and features that would help a lot. I am taking the best app in my list with many features. This apps are easy to use and have simple settings also.

Requirements for using such apps:

  • You must have a mobile phone with GPS connection.
  • You must have a mobile phone with 2G or 3G internet connection.
  • Always keep full battery in your device. Some apps require more power and can drain your battery fast.
  • Whenever you are late always inform sometime that you are on the route or note down the vehicle number and sms it.
  • Always inform the amount of journey time taken while travelling in night. so that if something happens your family or friends can get alert as early as possible.
  • When you are travelling alone, be bold. Don’t fear. Fear is the biggest enemy.


TellTail Women Safety

This app is for women who reside in Delhi. It is an amazing app that will track you if you are in public transfer. It is designed by DIMTS (Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd. The app once installed will help you to give your location if you think you are not safe. You just have to start it and sit back.

You can add number and contacts of your family and friends on the same. On the basis of GPS, the app will keep on sending the information of place you go. If you are using private vehicle then gps is also installed on that. This will help easier tracking.

You can instantly send a SOS message to your family and friend with one time. To trigger an alarm you just have to press the power button three times. And the alarm is activated. The same thing works if you shake the phone three times. It is important that TellTail app must be installed in your friends and family mobile phone. Or else it won’t work. And always keep your gps on. If your internet is not working then this app will also send sms of your co-ordinate.

Circle of 6:

Circle of 6

This one is another popular app which also works in the same manner. The app is actually decided for students. And it is very effective tracking tool. This app has around 6 hotline and emergency numbers. So here you are not just sending your details, but you can send an instant alarm on the hotline number.

It has an amazing GPS function. That will also help you internationally. It is not just limited to a single region. Through this app you can configure customized push notification.



Guardly is another popular app which actually works on the global level. It is works well in US. This app has a option through which it instantly communicate with your friends and family. It also dials 911 that will help them to locate you. You can add upto 15 contacts on the same in it.

It comes with better GPS accuracy and it also works well in India. With one single tap you can send message upto 15 people on the same. I am quite sure that is enough to raise an alarm. It has a simple to use UI. You can create various grips on the same and you can use it.

SOS – Stay Safe!

SOS - Stay Safe

This app comes in two editions. One is free and other one is full edition. The free edition is enough to give you a secure way to protect yourself when you are in danger. Similar to other apps this one also gives you various options to alert others in case of emergency. You can store all your contacts in the same. And this app will work quickly enough to set an alert.

The app does not consume much battery. That is why it is the best one to use. It will give you a option through which you can record a audio clip also. And you can just choose a contact by sharking the phone. And then done. It also support gesture based control. You can shake and then select things you want. You can add a audio clip on the same and you can send to the people.

It has a gps tracking option in the same that works very well and will give you simple way of tracking. There are some ready to use emergency scenario in the same. Like stalking, physical or sexual assault, unsafe neighborhoods, domestic violence, accidents, etc.

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