A Straightforward Guide to Exploring Your Sexuality With a Man, as a Man

A lot of men are gay or bi-sexual, but never embrace their sexualities out of fear of judgment. We live in an incredibly accepting and inclusive society, so there’s no reason to hide your sexuality from people.

If you are a man that’s interested in exploring his sexuality and wants to try things with another man, then it’s only natural that you feel somewhat overwhelmed and have turned to the internet for advice. This post will tell you everything that you need to know, so experimenting with another man will be as easy as possible.

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Sexual Encounters

One of the easiest ways of exploring your sexuality and determining whether or not you are sexually attracted to men is to go out and have sex with them. You will soon realize whether or not gay sex is for you, once you have had an encounter with another man. You can also sign up for hook-up sites such as squirt.org where you can organize to meet another man for oral sex. It’s also possible to go cruising, which involves going to specific locations frequented by men from the gay community for sex.

Starting Slowly

Despite the previous section suggesting that the best way of discovering your sexuality is to go out and have sex with men, it’s still a good idea to start slowly even when you do that. Rather than rushing straight into sex or oral sex, start off by kissing, fondling, and touching. Starting slowly will give you an opportunity to determine whether or not you are even attracted to other men. Most men will be more than happy to oblige if you say to them that you want to start off with kissing and touching first, before moving on to the heavy stuff.

Open Exploration

If you are in a relationship with another person, then you should explain to them that you are having doubts about your sexuality and would like to explore it. Most people will be slightly taken aback but will then likely encourage you to pursue your sexuality and find out whether or not it’s for you. Exploring your sexuality with your partner might even be fun if you are an open and supportive person. Your partner might want to engage in threesomes with you and other men and may even be able to introduce you to people to explore with. As mentioned earlier, hook-up sites can be a great way for you to explore your sexuality, because you will have other men to talk to.

Labeling Yourself

A lot of people in today’s society ascribe labels to themselves, click here to read more. If you want to explore your sexuality, then avoid labeling yourself. Labeling yourself can seriously complicate things. Do not label yourself gay, straight, or even bisexual. Instead, go out and actively explore your sexuality. Once you have completed your exploration and are able to arrive at a final conclusion, then you can label yourself. Labeling yourself is a mistake because it can put you into a box that you might not necessarily fit into. Take the time to explore yourself before you start forcing yourself into boxes.

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Watching Pornography

If you are just curious, then watch pornography. Pornography is one of the easiest ways to determine your sexuality. If gay pornography turns you on and you are able to climax to it, then it’s a strong indication that you are gay or bisexual. With that said, the human body can be very erotic, so being able to climax to another man’s body does not necessarily mean that you are gay. When you are watching pornography, try to see if you are able to identify a specific type of man, race, or build that turns you on the most. It’s always good to be able to know your fetishes.

Having Conversations

When you are in the process of exploring your sexuality and it involves gay men, then it is often a good idea to talk to experienced gay men who dealt with what you are now (i.e., exploring their sexualities and then coming out). Understanding how other people felt in your situation will help you to understand your own feelings. If you have considered yourself straight for most of your life, then coming to terms with gay feelings might be very difficult for you to do. A more experienced gay man will be able to help you work through your emotions.

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Attending Groups

There are in-person groups that you can attend which can help you to tackle the questions that you might be asking yourself, like “am I gay?” or “what does my sexuality mean for my relationships and my life?” Most of these groups are completely free to attend and are led by mental health experts, who can properly and expertly address all of your concerns. These groups are also sometimes held online, which is a great option if you want to be anonymous. You will also meet other men in the same situation as you at them.

Finding Support

If exploring your sexuality is very difficult for you, then it’s crucial that you find support. Tackling one’s sexuality alone can be a very difficult thing to do, especially if the discoveries made completely change your idea of yourself. You can either get support from mental health professionals, your partner, or even more experienced gay men who know what they are talking about and what you are going through. Getting yourself support will help you to make better decisions and feel better about yourself.

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Your Sexuality

If men interest you and you go and have sex with one and discover that it’s not for you, that does not make you gay. A lot of men who have gay feelings refuse to act on them out of fear of being labeled as ‘gay’ but that won’t happen. First of all, nobody will know that you have had sexual encounters with another man, and secondly your sexual encounter with another man may reaffirm your straightness, which means that you aren’t gay. Everybody experiments in life. Experimentation does not mean that one falls into the category with those whom he is experimenting with.

If you suspect that you might be gay, then it’s a very good idea to go and experiment with other men. Experimenting with another man will help you to discover your true sexual identity, which is very good for your health. Repressing one’s sexuality can be very damaging to one’s mental health, on the other hand, which is why it’s important never to do it.

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