Controversial Facts About IQ And Intelligence Testing

A lot of people think that random tests that we can find online are all legit and accurate. However, intelligence is much more complex. Therefore, you can never apply the same method for a large group of people. There are some more accurate options that are following the most recent updates in this area, like

The most common misconception is that we are born with this rate and that it will remain the same throughout our whole life. However, that is far from being true. For example, a lot of factors can affect your results. You can expect a lower score when you don’t sleep well, or some issues in your life are preventing you from focusing. Also, it is proven that social aspects, education, and even health can affect this rate. Here are some controversial facts about intelligence rate.



As we already mentioned, there are various factors that can affect your cognitive abilities at any moment. Therefore, getting a random test during the application for a job, or even only for fun can provide different results at different times. For example, you woke up early in the morning, and you have to deal with an interview for a job. It is common that people are more stressed in these situations. When there is an additional test that can measure your abilities and knowledge in different areas, stress and not being prepared for that can affect the result.

That can be a problem for companies that are using it as a reliable source for hiring people. The simple reason for that is that they might miss the right person only because of the lower score on this test. The interesting fact is that you can try doing the same or similar test a couple of times, and there is a chance to see significant change in results. If you ever face this situation, be sure to remain calm and focused.


There is a chance that you will face this issue in different parts of your life. For example, these tests are common among children when they start elementary school. The main goal can be beneficial, and that is to form groups of people with similar abilities and determine the right approach for their education. However, the problem is that some kids can be affected by it in the wrong way. For example, convincing that someone has an extraordinary score might lead that kid into thinking that it does not have to provide more effort to follow the lectures.

It is common that kids with higher intelligence rates can easily finish elementary school with the highest grades. However, problems will appear later since they don’t have built habits to give more effort, which will be necessary for success in different fields. Also, those with lower or average scores can be successful in all these fields as well, and the only difference is that they might need more effort for that. The point is that this score is not a measurement of someone’s abilities to reach excellent achievements.


It is Complex

You cannot expect accurate results when you provide the same test to different types of people. Also, we have to mention that there are some types of intelligence that common tests cannot measure at all, such as the emotional intelligence that is proved to be of the same importance. Lack of emotional intelligence will interfere with abilities in different fields no matter how high the score is. For example, not having proper communication skills can lead to many issues in someone’s career and private life even if such a person has an over-average score.

Companies can face issues with that as well. For example, if you rely only on this test, you might hire a person that was not prepared to deal with clients, difficult tasks, and tight deadlines. It is necessary to include other types of tests that are related to the position.

Also, individuals can be talented in various areas, but many of them cannot be measured by any test. For example, a person can be talented in art or music. There is a link between higher scores and being talented in art. For example, the ability to replace things from mind, or recognize patterns that you can turn into music. Still, it is not that simple with most of the standard tests that we have today. It is more focused on technical skills, while creativity is completely forgotten. That is the main reason why so many professionals are claiming that these tests cannot be accurate.

Can Lead to Discrimination

The main issue is that most people believe in the misconception that having a higher score means that a person will succeed in different fields, especially when it comes to education and business. There are several problems related to that. First of all, we have to mention the pressure made on those with a higher rate. These people can be forced too much from a young age.

For example, putting your kid in the class with a much older student because he overcomes his age too quickly. There are some benefits in this case, like reaching more education. However, it can interfere with emotional intelligence and cognitive abilities. Playing out with friends can be as important as education for kids.

Another potential issue is related to those with lower results who might become victims of people who rely on these tests too much. For example, not getting the job because of it even though you are the right person for that position.


Last Words

It can be interesting to learn more about your abilities and find out how intelligent you are when compared to other people. Still, you have to remember that these tests cannot cover all of your abilities, which means that it is not something to rely on in every situation. On the other hand, there are many benefits, but only when we use it in the right way.

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