Skid Steers – 6 Reasons Why They’re Super for Just About Any Job Site

Digging at a farm or construction job site can be extremely time-consuming if done manually. This is especially the case in areas where asphalt and rock need to be dug up and removed before any other work can continue.

If you have extensive digging work at your latest job site, you may be considering one of the many skid steer loader for sale options in your area. Is it what your project needs? If you haven’t used this machine before, you could be curious about some of its main functions.

Not Sure What Skid Steers Are?


In short, skid steers are used for various digging functions around a construction or farm job site. Since these machines are small, lightweight and easily manoeuverable, they’re remarkably versatile.

A wide range of accessories can be added to them to make them even more functional. You can pick from the following design options:

  • Four-wheel models that can drive to the job site on their own
  • Track models that move on two tracks – these need to be transported to the job site on a trailer or truck

Types of Skid Steers

If you’re not sure if a skid steer is big or strong enough to perform the necessary tasks around your job site, you’ll be delighted to know that they come in three primary sizes. These include:

  • Large frame skid steer: Exceeds 2200 lbs.; 70hp
  • Medium frame skid steer: The more popular option—1750 – 2200lbs. capacity; 50-70hp
  • Small frame skid steer: Commonly used by farmers—1750 lbs.; 50hp

Versatile Uses Of a Skid Steer


People who are familiar with these little machines love them for a simple reason – they’re super versatile. Their multiple attachment options make it easy to perform a wide variety of jobs by simply changing the attachments.

It’s this versatility that encourages many project managers to search for an affordable mini loader for sale when digging jobs become necessary. Let’s take a look at some of the many uses of a skid steer.

1. Excavation

One of the top reasons you’ll always see a skid steer on a developing job site is its excavation function. By adding attachments such as the trencher, ripper, wheel saw or tiller, you can easily excavate everything from asphalt and concrete to grass and lose rocks.

Once the area has been excavated, the bucket attachment is used to move the rubble away from the building area. There’s also a rake attachment that makes it incredibly easy to level and smooth out the surrounding soil.

2. Construction

If you work in construction then you’re all too familiar with the deadlines that dictate your project. One of the fastest ways to get construction done on a site is by using a skid steer with a cement mixer or pavement miller attachment. Having these nifty attachments eliminate the need for hiring a separate cement mixer.

3. Digging and Trenching


Every type of building site involves a lot of digging. In some instances, there’s also trenching that needs to be done. Fortunately, there are attachments for this as well. Simply opt for the trench digger or backhoe.

Additionally, you can also use an auger that looks like a giant corkscrew that digs a clean, precise hole. This attachment is ideal if you’re work includes poles, posts or beams to be “planted” into the ground.

4. Landscaping

Projects that require landscaping will benefit from the wide variety of attachments that make this task easier. The trench digging attachment makes it easy to remove trees and shrubs. On the other hand, the bale spear attachment makes moving the dug-up shrubbery a breeze.

Farm Work and Warehousing


Farm work and warehousing tasks are also made considerably easier with attachments such as bale spears and pallet forks. Depending on the type of work you need done, other attachments such as the bucket attachment can also come in handy.

The rock bucket attachment is similar to a standard bucket except that it features slats, making it easy to only remove the rocks and rubble. Soil falls out the bottom and stays in the area you were digging. Doing this preserves the topsoil which is necessary if you’re going to plant later on.

Clearing Snow

Living where there’s snow? You’ll be happy to know there’s an attachment for that too! The bucket tool is the most used attachment as it’s even handy to clear snow from your job site or the roads leading up to it.

Final Thought

While many people opt to hire skid steers as and when they need them, others use them so often that it makes more sense to buy one. Since they’re small and lightweight they can easily manoeuvre around the job site. This also makes it easy to store them. Investing in a skid steer will help you make your deadlines much easier!

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