6 Pieces that Belong in Your 2024 Closet

Trends change each year, and fashionable people know how to keep up with them. This year is bringing around a lot of new opportunities, as well as hope for a better year overall. Here are some of the fashion pieces that you can add to your wardrobe to prepare for the coming year. Celebrate new beginnings by updating your closet with these items.

1. Fringe

Source: marieclaire.com

Every few years, fringe comes back into style. If you don’t have any fringe pieces in your closet (including capes, jackets, pullovers, and more), it’s time to invest in some great fringe pieces. Fringe is going to be big this year, especially on neutral pieces, including browns and camel tones.

According to a Black pride clothing brand, fringe can be worn on almost anything, and it’s always going to be in style at some point. Invest in some fringe now and enjoy it until 2024 (and beyond)!

2. Satin

Satin looks expensive, makes you incredibly photogenic, and presents a professional, put-together look. For all of these reasons, it’s a great idea to invest in some satin! Choose satin suits, bodysuits, and separates to keep the trend moving. For colors, choose deeper, more earthy tones if possible. Since emerald green is going to be the big color this year, it’s important to choose at least one satin piece in emerald green.

Dark colors are a great idea, too. Satin shines when it’s dyed a darker color, which makes you look amazing! Go with a satin midi dress, bodysuit, or blouse to keep the look alive.

3. Gathers and Rumples

Gathers, rumples, and ruched dresses are going to be a big thing this year. We’re all looking to change up our silhouette, and there’s no better way to do this than with an intentionally rumpled design. It looks expensive, feels great, and gives you a look that no one can replicate. What’s not to like? Fashion-forward influencers are choosing gathered tops, skirts, and dresses to really get this fashion choice into the mainstream.

4. Non-Specific Clothing

Source: editorialist.com

We’ve all gathered quite a few trends over the past few years – many of which we never got to style properly. Thankfully, a 2024 trend is sweeping in to save us from an outdated closet. One of the biggest fashion statements this year is clothing that doesn’t really have a season or a defined dress code. All of your old trends can be worn this year, mixed and matched with 2024 favorites (or on their own!).

The key to this look is to choose pieces that are a little timeless. Go with classics, but rock a few new pieces if you can. This is one of the easiest styles to emulate, so you’ll have no trouble at all!

5. Clothing for Change

The tumultuous nature of the past few years has made it more important than ever to express ourselves through any means necessary. Graphic shirts and other apparel can make this easy. Pick up clothing that displays slogans supporting causes you believe in. For example, you can choose a pro-Black shirt from a Black-owned company to show your Black heritage or solidarity.

Supporting the things you believe in is easier than ever, and slogan clothing with a  powerful message is one of the easiest ways to express yourself, spread the word, and support the cause.

6. Bodice Detailing

Source: youtube.com

Dresses this year seem to be coming in one of two styles: rumpled or slimline. The bodice detailing trend only really works with slimline dresses, whether those are midi or full-length options. Bodice details may include special buttons, seams, and embroidery that emphasize the torso section of the dress, drawing the eye to that area.

Bodice detailing is another always-on trend that never really fades, so don’t be afraid to bust out those older bodice dresses and repurpose them for 2024’s fashions.


There’s a good chance that you might already have these pieces in your wardrobe. If you do, that’s great news! Otherwise, picking up just a few iconic styles for 2024 can automatically transform your closet into a trendy, fashionable source for new looks and styles. This year, so many of the things we loved in years past are coming back to us – enjoy it!

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