4 Outstanding Fullbacks Chelsea Fans Will Never Forget

Chelsea is inarguably one of the biggest sides in the English Premier League. With millions of fans scattered globally, the English giants are always a favorite to win the coveted trophies every season.

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Indeed, Chelsea has been blessed with spectacular fullbacks across its history. These fullbacks have significantly contributed to their defensive solidity and attacking prowess simultaneously.

In this article, we will learn about the best fullbacks who wore the famous Chelsea blue jersey.

1. Ashley Cole

Source: transfermarkt.com

Ashley Cole is a former English professional football player who made have made a name for himself across the many football clubs he has played for, including Chelsea. So far, he is recognized as the best Chelsea fullback of all time, with many honors to his name.

Starting his youth career at Arsenal in 1997 and making his way into Chelsea’s senior team in 2006, Ashley Cole had already brushed up himself into a fine football player. His defensive skills and stamina were outstanding.

This quickly put him in the top rankings as one of the best football players ever.

Whilst playing for Chelsea, Ashley Cole bagged several award titles, including the 2008-09 and 2010-11 Chelsea Players’ Player of the Year, the 2009-10 Chelsea Goal of the Season against Sunderland, and the many awards he had won collectively. He made 229 appearances and scored 7 goals while at Chelsea.

2. Reece James

Source: premierleague.com

The professional right-back footballer started his youth career at Chelsea in 2006. He later moved to Fulham in 2007 but returned to Chelsea in the same year.

At the academy, Reece James showed great effort and skill, pleasing enough to earn him the 2017-18 Chelsea Academy Player of the Year.

Reece James made his first debut in Wembley Stadium on the 5th of October 2020. He was called up by then-manager Gareth Southgate to join the senior team.

Although Reece James had sustained some injuries that ruled him out of some matches, he still has honors to his name earned from winning several league tournaments.

Whilst playing for Chelsea from 2018 – 2022, Reece James has made 92 appearances and has scored 7 goals. He still plays for Chelsea and is making a great impact in his position.

3. Marcos Alonso

Source: premierleague.com

Marcos Alonso is a Spanish professional left-back who was born in Madrid. He started his youth career in 1999 at Real Madrid and started his senior career at Real Madrid Castilla in 2008.

So far, he has had a ton of time brushing up his skills in the over 4 clubs he played before joining Chelsea in 2016.

Marcos Alonso is regarded as one of the best full-back players of all time and has tons of honors to show for it. This includes the 2016–17 Premier League, 2017-18 FA Cup, 2017–18 Premier League PFA Team of the Year, and the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League, among others.

Throughout his playtime at Chelsea, Marcos Alonso made 154 appearances and scored 25 goals before leaving for Barcelona in 2022.

4. Graeme Le Saux

Source: planetfootball.com

Starting his youth career at St. Paul and Chelsea and eventually making it into Chelsea’s senior team in 1989, Graeme Le Saux rose to prominence. Graeme Le Saux first left Chelsea in 1993 but returned in 1997 for the most expensive fee spent on a defender.

So, whilst he was establishing his name as one of the best left-back ever in Chelsea, he also held the record of being the most expensive defender in the late 90’s, going for £5 million.

Throughout his stay at Chelsea, he made 230 appearances and scored 12 goals.

Graeme Le Saux also holds a range of honors to his name, including the PFA Team of the Year, the 1998 UEFA Super Cup, the 2000 FA Charity Shield, and many others.

There are tons of amazing players at Chelsea, even at the defensive lines. Although they don’t hold high goal scores, the amazing work they put into holding off goals from opponents is worthy of recognition.

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