Is Giving Marketing Assignments to AI a Good Idea?

There is no doubt that AI is essential to our daily lives. From household goods to office equipment, artificial intelligence is necessary for everyday tasks to run smoothly and efficiently. No wonder AI specialists have already designed programs to write university assignments on any topic. But the value of such writing is questionable.

It is especially true for essays on subjects that involve solid human input. It might seem a good idea to entrust your assignment on changes in digital marketing to AI. But there are a few things to consider before relying on software. And it might be that you’re losing much more than you gain when delegating your marketing papers to AI.


Faster but Not Better Written

The appeal of AI written assignments is the time and money you save. It is much easier to use software that will complete your paper than find an assignment writing service for homework help Spanish you can rely on. Not to mention the price tag. However, there is no guarantee that AI can ace your marketing assignments and meet all the academic writing standards.

The main problem of such software is the limitations in grasping the concept of human language. The inherent knowledge of stylistic choices cannot be programmed into a machine. Thus, AI is very likely to come up with some odd sentences when browsing enormous databases.

In the end, you get a paper that does not have a good flow or even contains grammatical mistakes. Thus, your teacher can easily detect that an assignment wasn’t written by a human. And you just lend yourself to a lot of trouble that takes much more time to solve than writing an assignment. So, does it really make your essay writing easier?

Not Everything Is Algorithms

Another AI writing issue that ties into the previous problem is understanding context. Any marketing paper requires background knowledge. AI can only replicate what is already existing. But only skilled writers, such as professionals at best research writing services, understand the exact context of the research problem. Thus, they meet initial instructions to the dot.

AI can only replicate the structure of the essay or pull quotes from sources. But it would be impossible to form a cohesive argument. A marketing paper would require an assignment writer by to be familiar with how the topic fits in a broader context. Naturally, it would be impossible to reduce a broader perspective to a simple algorithm.

For example, some marketing tactics can be used in political campaigns. An AI can browse the vast database and create a list of what those tactics are. But it couldn’t devise an argument for said marketing methods influencing the course of world politics or draw predictions of the possible future effects. To establish these connections, you would need a human writer who can not only understand the correlation but explain it as well.


Creativity Issue

Nowadays, developments in artificial intelligence allow for creating numerous variations of copywriting content and optimizing search engine options. And yet, AI lacks human creativity to come up with innovative and fresh ideas. This issue is relevant to essay writing as well. Regardless of the strict guidelines, a writer has to devise an original argument.

Notably, to come up with a non-trivial topic and develop a thesis statement accordingly, you have to put hours of research into your assignment. Transforming the collected data into a well-written paper is not something you can expect AI to accomplish. Hence, it would be smarter to buy assignment from experts who do not struggle with creativity.

Moreover, professional writers exercise the said creativity in their stylistic and linguistic choices. A well-written marketing essay has to be engaging and persuasive. AI has no understanding of the tone of voice or the concept of the hook. Thus, the best you can get from it is bland text with relevant keywords.

Risk of Plagiarism

One of the most significant issues with AI-generated content is its originality. AI is capable of developing a unique text by analyzing all the existing word combinations. But it cannot guarantee a one hundred percent original paper. Notably, even writers would not be able to achieve this standard. However, human professionals are at a much lesser risk for plagiarism.

AI relates solely to already existing content. Thus, it will analyze every possible source with relevant keywords for your marketing paper. Consequently, the text it’ll produce will be created from the paraphrased words of others. And that opens you up to the risk of being accused of breaching academic integrity.

In addition, there is no guarantee that AI will deal with your in-text citations properly. It might use an outdated edition of the formatting style. Why? Because if a human has not programmed this update to the said AI, it won’t find it out on its own. Thus, instead of getting assignment help, you’re risking getting into a lot of trouble.


Editing Is Still a Must

Even if you decide to use AI to write your marketing assignment, do not expect to avoid editing the paper. Of course, you can always submit the text as it is. But do not be surprised that your teacher will have a serious talk about academic honesty afterward. So, by turning to an AI for writing services, you would still need a very human editor.

After you get your marketing essay, you’d need at least to look into the following:

  • General flow and tone. Even if it’s written by a computer, you would not want the essay to sound like it.
  • Vocabulary. Make sure that phrases or words are used as they are meant to be in the given context.
  • Thesis statement. This is the most important sentence in your entire essay. Ideally, it should give the idea of the whole paper at once.
  • Cohesiveness. The argument and counter-arguments have to be linked and form one body of an essay.

Wrapping Up

That’s about it. Despite AI being efficient and free, trusting your marketing assignment to it is not the best option. Even though you get your essay done fast, it will not be a well-written paper.

For once, all the necessary background knowledge cannot be programmed into AI, as well as human creativity. Moreover, you risk being accused of plagiarism and would still require editing the whole thing. So, better do it the old-fashioned way.

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