How to Suppress Appetite in 2024

Appetite suppression isn’t new to the world of weight loss and weight management. Suppressing the appetite through different means allows the body to feel fuller for longer and helps those wanting to lose weight avoid unhealthy snack cravings and over excessive eating. Protocols like regular exercise, a healthy diet, great sleep, supplement usage, and even some medication use, and much more can help to suppress the appetite. Follow these tips on how to surpass the appetite in 2024.

Dietary Changes


The number one rule in weight loss and appetite suppression is to follow a healthy diet. Healthy eating is at the core of losing weight and keeping off the extra unsightly pounds. Food plays a major role in significantly altering our body chemistry. The saying is true that you get what you put in and the same goes for food. Consume bad food and gain bad health. Consume good and healthy food and you’ll gain health.

Healthy eating starts with eliminating processed foods, excessive carbs and cutting out just about all added sugars. Sugar is the enemy in appetite suppression. The more sugar you feed your body, the hungrier and more aggressive your appetite will become. Cutting out sugars allows your body to lower your glucose levels and manage insulin more effectively. That’s not to say all sugar should be destroyed as some natural sugars found in dates, maple syrup, raw stevia, and raw honey can be beneficial in small doses.

Moderation is another important key to suppressing the appetite. If you are eating too much or too little your body will tend to fall prey to yo-yo dieting and it becomes an endless cycle of losing and gaining back weight. Find a dieting program that fits your lifestyle and is attainable and manageable for everyday life as a career man or woman, stay at home mom, etc.

Eat nutrient dense foods that will make your stomach feel fuller for longer. Appetite suppression starts with good and many foods like lean meats and healthy fruits and vegetables contain the potency to boost your health and leave you with a pleasant level of satiety. Try incorporating healthy fats in your diet as a way to enhance the feeling of fullness.

Peptide Studies


Studies completed on mice being treated with GLP-1 one revealed a link to appetite suppression and increased satiety. Peptides like GLP-1 also known as are being increasingly studied for the purpose of weight loss and appetite suppression. Scientists are continually searching for the benefits of peptides administered for appetite suppression in studies using mice, rats, and many other animals and living organisms.



Staying hydrated is essential in helping your stomach feel fuller for a longer amount of time. Drinking water regularly throughout the day helps to boost feelings of satiety and remove unhealthy snack cravings. It is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This may seem like an uphill battle for many but there are ways to combat the boredom of plain water. One method is to infuse flavors into your water such as strawberry, mint, lemon, lime, cucumber, and many more combinations. The addition of natural flavors in water give it a lift and more appealing taste.


Source: sleepscore.jpg

Proper sleep is vital in weight maintenance and appetite suppression. Sleep is a process that benefits our bodies in endless ways such as regulating hormones, revving our endurance and stamina, and many more positive effects. Getting enough sleep helps us to develop healthy habits and avoid emotional eating which will only disturb our gut and give our appetites a boost.

Creating healthy sleep habits starts with planning a bedtime routine that allows your body to wind down. Go to bed an hour earlier, remove distractions like the phone and TV from your bedroom, and make sure your bedroom is cool and dark.



Having a well developed sense of self-awareness and reflection can help to suppress your appetite by evaluating why you are making certain decisions when it comes to the food you eat. Are you eating poorly due to a high stress environment, grief, depression, or other reasons? Knowing the answers to these questions and having the ability to ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly will help you make better decisions long term.

Appetite suppression doesn’t have to be out of reach. By following these tips on how to suppress your appetite in 2024 you’ll be well on your way.

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