4 Reasons Cincinnati Bengals Can Win First Super Bowl in Team History

The Cincinnati Bengals took the first pick in the NFL Draft in 2020. Less than two years later, they were in the Super Bowl. The team didn’t reach its final goal in 2021, but the 2022 season showed that Cincinnati isn’t going anywhere soon.

The Bengals escaped the feared Super Bowl hangover by getting two more wins than the year before. Joe Burrow was at the top of his game when he had a season with 4,475 passing yards and 35 touchdowns that earned him the MVP award.

Burrow had some of the best tools in the league, and Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, and Tyler Boyd were his favorite people to shoot at. To keep things even, Joe Mixon and Samaje Perine each ran the ball 305 times for 1,208 yards and nine scores.

Most people would agree that the offensive line played more consistently, even though it still looked like it needed work. Anything is better than what Burrow went through in his first two seasons, so this isn’t a very high bar.

On the other side of the ball, the defense did a good job of stopping runs and turning the ball over at a rate that was in the top 10 in the league. Cincinnati’s front line, led by Trey Hendrickson, is a force to be reckoned with.

There are a lot of people who don’t like Zac Taylor. I’m one of them. But the first-time head coach keeps shutting down the critics by getting more wins each season and coming up with new ways for Burrow to lead the offense. At this point, Taylor has changed society enough to get his flowers.

So, as one of the best teams in the AFC, here are four reasons why bet on nfl games online are backing Bengals can win the first Super Bowl in club history in 2024.

No. 1: Joe Burrow Is The Right Person

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As we said in the beginning, Joe Burrow is the right person. He became well-known all over the country when he led LSU to one of the best college attacks in the history of the sport. Because of this, the Bengals picked Burrow with the first overall pick in 2020.

Burrow’s rookie season was cut short because he tore his knee. Now that he was healthy again, he was determined to make the most of it. And boy, did he do that.

When Cincinnati was in the top five of the 2021 NFL Draft, they picked Ja’Marr Chase, who had played with Burrow in college. No one could have guessed how quickly the Tiger alumni would be able to bring their success from college to Sundays.

After helping the Bengals win four games in 2020, Burrow led them to 10 wins in his first full-time season as a starter. Not only that, but the team also won three playoff games in a row to make it to the Super Bowl.

Burrow used this valuable knowledge to take his skills to the next level last season. In a repeat of the AFC Championship game, the Bengals lost to the Chiefs. Still, the fact that he has won five playoff games by the time he was 26 shows why Bengals fans are so excited.

Burrow is the straw that stirs the drink for the monster that is the AFC North. As long as he is the quarterback, his team will be in the running for the Super Bowl. Simple and direct.

No. 2: An Improved Offensive Line

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This summer, the offensive line brought in Orlando Brown Jr., a move that led to a lot of changes. First, the Bengals stole Brown Jr. from the Chiefs, who were their rivals. Next, the huge tackle is going to start at left tackle, which will move Jonah Williams, who used to start on the blind side, to the right side.

Williams was upset at first about this trade and the change in his role, but word from Cincinnati is that he won’t be traded this offseason. Assuming that the two sides can get along, at least for the 2024 season, Burrow will have two strong guards to work behind.

Cordell Volson will also get better in Year 2 as he gets used to playing guard full-time. Ted Karras and Alex Cappa are veterans who give the line more direction and stability, as long as they don’t get hurt during the season.

When you compare the 2024 starting lineup to the 2020 lineup, the change is like night and day. A clean quarterback is a happy quarterback. Burrow’s all-white jerseys shouldn’t have many spots this year.

No. 3: Youngbloods On Defense

Source: thefalconswire.usatoday.com

Jessie Bates III went to the South and signed a long-term deal with the Atlanta Falcons. This meant that the defense lost one of its most important players. Also, the controversial Eli Apple left, which opened up a couple of starting spots in the backups.

The two new players will probably come from the 2022 draft class. Daxton Hill is set to take over at safety where Bates left off. Also, Cam Taylor-Britt, who did a great job as a rookie defender, will be back to hold down the fort.

A few more interesting defensive backs were picked up in the 2024 NFL Draft. On Day 2, D.J. Turner and his 4.2 speed went to Cincinnati, while Jordan Battle, whose family is from Alabama, fell to No. 95 overall.

Myles Murphy is one more new player who is worth noting. The Clemson pass rusher was in my top 15 players list before the draft, so getting him at No. 28 was a steal. It wouldn’t be strange if Murphy had the most sacks of any rookie in 2024.

The front office is counting on a big jump from the class of 2022, with some help along the way from the most recent draft class. It’s never easy to replace two defensive starters, but if you pick well, it’s a lot easier.

No. 4: The Bengals Are Fit And Not Scared Of The Stacked AFC

Source: bengalswire.usatoday.com

The Bengals know they fit with the best teams. This may be the most important thing in this article. Young teams often have growing pains and trouble when the game is on the line. Burrow’s team is ready for the fight because they have made it far in the playoffs in the last two years.

When it comes to making an NFL team that always wins, continuity is a big part of the puzzle. When a team doesn’t have to worry about getting a new coordinator every summer, it’s easier to keep the team working well together. Brian Callahan and Lou Anarumo go back to Cincinnati to keep leading the teams they started from scratch.

With a big contract extension for Burrow and a big contract extension for Ja’Marr Chase coming up, now is the time to go for the Lombardi Trophy. In 2022, the Bengals almost went to the Super Bowl for the second year in a row. They will get rid of these demons in 2024 by going undefeated through the tough AFC.

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