How Custom Blinds Transform Your Outdoor Lifestyle (4 Features You Need to Know About!)

custom outdoor blinds

Do you love spending your time at home outside, enjoying the beautiful weather Australians are lucky to experience most of the year? How about those days when it gets too hot or the weather turns nasty? If you have a patio or entertainment space, custom outdoor blinds could be your solution to transforming your lifestyle, no matter what is happening outside!

Custom outdoor blinds are exterior coverings for enclosing spaces such as patios, balconies and entertainment living areas. Read on as we share features that make these exterior blinds a useful addition to your home and outside entertainment spot.

4 Features of Custom Outdoor Blinds You Need to Know About


1. Different Designs

Outdoor blinds come in a variety of designs that help you find the right fit and style for your home. The most common designs include:

  • Ziptrak Blinds: This patented design is functional and stylish. It’s easy to use with a track guided system, allowing for smooth opening and closing of the blinds quickly.
  • Café zipper blinds: These look good for both residential and commercial properties and operate with a rope and pulley system with heavy-duty zips to keep them firmly in place when closed.
  • Café crank blinds: Using a simple crank mechanism, these outdoor barriers are easy to operate and look stylish too!
  • Motorised outdoor blinds: These are operated using a remote control for convenience and ease of use.

With a wide range of designs to pick from, you can rest assured they’ll improve the aesthetics of your home with minimal infrastructural changes.

2. Operation: Manual vs. Motorised


Gone are the days of laboriously opening and closing heavy outdoor blinds with cords that often get tangled and pulley systems that are difficult to operate. Modern designs have changed the way you use exterior blinds as you now have an almost effortless experience when operating them—all thanks to motorisation.

Just note, compared to motorised models, manual blinds are more cost-effective. But the higher price point gives you convenience an many other benefits.

Motorised designs improve the functionality of your blinds – all it takes is a touch of the button and your blinds will open or close automatically. Using smart sensor technology and your smartphone, you can decide how far you want your blinds to open. You can close or open them fully in seconds, with no manual effort.

3. All-Weather Protection

Outdoor blinds act as a barrier against all weather conditions and you can enjoy your outside lifestyle no matter if it’s raining, hailing, windy or sunny. You can enjoy being outdoors throughout all the seasons of the year as the blinds provide excellent protection against the heat and the cold.

The following features allow for all-weather protection:

  • Durability: A variety of quality fabrics such as canvas, PVC and mesh that are durable and suited for outdoor conditions are used to make outdoor blinds.
  • UV protection: The material used to construct exterior blinds offers you and other occupants protection against harsh UV rays. They also protect your furniture and floor coverings from sun fade.
  • Insulation: Heavy-duty zips ensure the blinds close tightly, preventing any gaps from allowing air leaking in or out of your outdoor living space. They also prevent the blinds from flapping when the wind is blowing a gale.
  • Waterproof: While not 100% waterproof, PVC blinds have a certain amount of water resistance. Note that if you opt for mesh material, more water will be able to get in, especially if it’s raining hard.

4. Personalisation


Any of the abovementioned designs can be customised to fit with your exterior living space size, décor and home architecture. Getting the right fit is essential to get the best results from blinds installation and experts in the industry will help you with getting accurate measurements.

Customisable outdoor blinds allow you to pick between:

  • PVC, canvas or mesh material
  • Manual or motorised operation
  • various colours

Blinds experts will work with you to create an attractive design that’s visually appealing while being functional at the same time. Hiring a qualified blinds installer will ensure your exterior coverings fit properly, operate smoothly and look good.

How to Pick the Best Blinds Installer

If you want your investment to give you long-lasting enjoyment, consider using a professional blinds installer. Use these tips to help you find the best blinds installer:

  • Experience: Choose a blinds company that has years of experience in manufacturing, designing and installing these products.
  • A wide range of products: Pick blinds suppliers that can offer you a wide range of designs so you can find the best style and functionality to suit your personal preferences at home.
  • No obligation consultation: Work with a blinds company that offers advice and information with no strings attached.
  • Free quotes: Make sure it’s easy to request a free quote with no obligations attached and avoid making hasty decisions that could result in costly mistakes.
  • Customer reviews: Read online customer testimonials to find out what other clients have to say about a blinds supplier, before deciding which one to work with.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to transforming your outdoor lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with exterior blinds installation! Pick a custom design that includes features for optimal functionality and visual appearance while guaranteeing you a quality long-term investment in your home.

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