8 Benefits of Using Pallet Wrappers for Packaging Loads

Pallet Wrappers for Packaging Loads

Used in a wide range of industries, pallet wrapping machines secure loads for safe storage and distribution. A pallet wrapper makes it easier to protect your goods, no matter what size or shape your load is. Pallets can be loaded manually but you can save a lot of time and money using pallet wrappers.

Whether you’re an e-commerce owner delivering bulk goods to customers or in the freight forwarding industry, this machine can improve the efficiency of your business. Keep reading for more reasons why you need a pallet wrapping machine in your workplace.

8 Benefits of Using Pallet Wrappers for Packaging Loads

Using Pallet Wrappers for Packaging Loads
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1. Keeps the Load Secure

Handling goods for delivery means making sure the items arrive in one piece. Packaging bulk items onto pallets makes it easier to move goods from one place to another, to load and offload and to keep products secure in one place.

Completely wrapping the goods and pallet with stretch film helps to keep them together and ensures load stability during transit or loading.

2. Protects the Goods

Stretch or pallet wrappers protect goods from damage during storage or transportation to another destination. Packaging the load with stretch film helps to:

  • Protect the goods from dirt and dust.
  • Safeguard against moisture.
  • Protect products from pest invasion, theft and vandalism during storage and shipping.

Pallet wrap is durable, waterproof and tear-resistant, keeping your goods safe and protected at all times.

3. Improves Workplace Efficiency and Safety

Pallet Wrappers for Packaging items

Efficiency matters when you want to run a successful business with a healthy bottom line. While manual labour has its place in the workplace, it can slow down crucial processes such as packing pallets. Pallet wrapping machines make it easier and faster to load goods while improving productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Safety of your workers is equally important and quality pallet wrappers ensure your team works efficiently and safely when packaging goods. Features such as user-friendly controls minimise the risk of injuries in the workplace.

4. Customises the Packaging Process

Stretch wrapping machines can accommodate a wide range of shapes, sizes and weights. You can use them to package fragile items safely or to cover large and bulky goods. Pallet wrappers come in various designs allowing you to customise your packaging process according to your specific requirements.

Pallet wrapping machines allow you to do the following:

  • Select how much or how little you want to wrap your goods.
  • Choose the optimal rotational speed according to the handler’s needs.
  • Adjust the height of the film applicator for larger or smaller loads.

With customisable features, the handler can optimise the packaging process while saving costs and time for your business.

5. Improves Storage Space Usage

Pallet Wrappers Improves Storage Space Usage
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If you’re in the warehousing business, you know how important the proper use of storage space is. Pallet wrapping allows you to keep goods of the same load together while saving you space, both vertically and horizontally.

Loading wrapped pallets into shipping containers saves on cube space which is vital when you want to avoid paying more than necessary to deliver goods to customers. Using pallets not only saves on storage space but they make it easier and safer for your workers to store goods, quickly and efficiently.

6. Better Inventory Management

Inventory control is essential for managing stock in your warehouse. Pallet wrapping machines prevent similar goods from separating during storage. This allows for better inventory control and management while reducing the risk of lost goods.

Stretch film is clear, allowing your workers to scan items or do visual checks while taking stock. There’s no need to move goods around when checking them, saving your team lots of time.

With efficient inventory control you can then be alerted as soon as there’s a problem such as missing stock.

7. Reduces Film Wrap Wastage

Pallet Wrappers Reduce Film Wrap Wastage
Source: signet.net.au

Stretch or film wrap can be costly if not applied correctly. When applied manually, stretch film wrap can be inconsistent but with a pallet wrapper film wrap is used evenly, preventing wastage and unnecessary expenses to the company.

Pallet wrappers stretch film wrap further than manual application without damaging its integrity. This means you use less, while still protecting your goods. By optimising stretch wrap usage, you can ensure your goods are secure while preventing wastage.

8. Provides a Professional Look

Pallet wrapping machines keep your goods looking neat and tidy, creating a professional look of goods delivered to your customers. This is important for creating those vital first impressions and your customers will feel they’re dealing with a trustworthy company that cares about their products.

You can use these machines to apply different coloured film wraps for branding purposes. Not only does this make your brand stand out but it improves the overall professional appearance of your pallets.

Final Thoughts

Another huge advantage of using stretch wrapping machines is that you don’t have to label individual items for inspection by the Australian Border Force. One label describing the prepacked goods is sufficient for importing goods. With so many benefits, it makes sense to use this equipment for packaging loads from now on!

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