DataWind PocketSurfer 3G5 PC Suite

The pocketSurfer 3G5 was launched recently by Data wind along with the thePocketSurfer 5X and 5. pocketSurfer 3G5 has the best features and is a lot more advanced compared to the other tow handset. it runs on android 4.2 which is not a very old one and has a good user interface and access to most of the new apps and games. it is processed by 1.2Ghz dual core processor which makes the device fast and smooth. This is the only phone out of the three that supports 3G connectivity; apart from other options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, EDGE, USB etc. it has a 5MP camera and a front VGA camera too.

Pc suite software for pocketSurfer 3G5 can be downloaded from this site. Data lose can happen to due to any issues and you may fall out of space too in some case. This software would help in backing up your data on you pc and help in restoring it in case of lose due to any issues. sync your contacts, messages, calendar entries and all other data between your pc and phone using this software; It lets you connect your pc to internet through your phone data using the USB. Update your phones firmware easily using this software.

DataWind PocketSurfer 3G5Download PocketSurfer 3G5 PC Suite

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