Asus ZenFone 4 PC Suite and USB Driver

The ZenFone 4 that has been launched by Asus is the cheapest phone of the ZenFone series. The phone comes with a 4 inch display that is going to have a WVGA resolution. The phone is also going to have an Intel Z2520 processor. The phone also has a 5 MP rear camera. the phone is also going to be availed in the market in various different colours such as pearl white, cherry red, solar yellow, sky blue and charcoal black. This phone is really helpful to people in carrying out several routine tasks easily.

To further ease the job of routine tasks I am availing you with the Asus PC Suite and USB drivers. These softwares will easily help you out to sync your phone contents with the computer and carry out several tasks. Phone contents may include your personal data and messages, your photos, videos, etc. You also can easily back up your phone data on the computer and you can also easily restore the same. You can back the phone data on the computer with the help of cloud services availed by Yahoo or Google. You can also use your device to connect it to the computer and use it as a modem to use internet on your computer from your phone device. Also with the help of these softwares you can keep your phone fully up to date with the latest updates available for your phone. Also various other tasks can be carried out with the help of these softwares only.

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4 thoughts on “Asus ZenFone 4 PC Suite and USB Driver

  1. Questions on Zenfone 4:
    1. is there a removable battery
    2. is there T9 function on the 3×4 keypad
    3. is the phone storage 4GB or 8GB?
    4. is there PC link feature available for Zenfone4?
    5. Is there LED flash light for the camera?
    6. earphone/handsfree provided/

    1. 1.yes
      2.yes with asus keyboard
      4.yes but hdr mode in low light working good
      6.inbox only have phone/charger/usb cable

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