New iOS 9 top features: Proactive assistance, News app and more

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Apple yesterday at WWDC 2015, revealed many new products including the all new iOS 9 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Obviously the new update comes with a bunch of new and amazing features including Proactive assistance, and all new News app, and lots more. We will check all of those new features in this article.

Apple iOS 9

iOS 9 seems to be very lighter compared to last year’s iOS 8, because according to Apple, iOS 9 will require only 1.3GB of space to run. Immediately after the launch, Apple made the developer build of iOS 9 available for developers so that they can test it and make new apps for the same. They will roll out the Beta Preview as early as next month for end users as well. Unlike iOS 8, the new update will also support iPhone 4S devices along with all newer versions of iPhone, iPads and iPods.

  • Now coming to the features, Apple has introduced a new (Google Now Competitor) Assistant named as ‘Proactive Assistance’. It is a major upgrade of current Siri. Proactive Assistance will provide search results based on the search query contextually. It will provide appropriate and relative information also maintaining the security and privacy of user’s data.
  • Apple also revealed about the update to Apple Maps in iOS 9 which will now include a new Transit feature which focuses on trains, buses. Also Apple will arrange for complete step by step directions and also provide walking time to users.
  • iOS 9 also features a low power mode which assures optimization of battery providing a 3 hours extended battery life.
  • Updated HomeKits which come with motored windows and shades, motion sensors and home security systems support
  • Apple has also published developer APIs which can now be accessed easily.  Which will now allow third-party apps to directly store deep links
  • Apple also launched two tools GameplayKit for handling game’s logic and ReplayKit for recording and sharing gameplay videos on the ease.
  • Updated CarPlay feature will now allow automobile makers to make apps to handle the car’s functions.
  • Apple has also introduced a couple of new HealthKit metrics, so any iPhone 3rd party app which uses healthKit as a platform will now tell you about your reproductive health, UV exposure, water intake and menstruation cycle as well.

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