Apple Music vs Google Play Music – 7 Features why Apple is Better

Apple Music vs Google Play Music

As we have reported earlier, at WWDC 2015 Apple announced many new features in Apple Music. The world’s leading tech company is taking small but firm steps in music streaming industries. While there are other competitors in the industry like Google Play Music. Google Play Music is the most used music streaming service all over the world. What if we tell you that Apple music is better than Google Play Music, don’t be shocked, we have 7 reasons for this. Check out the 7 ways in which Apple Music is better than Google Play Music.

Apple Music vs Google Play Music

Large Library

Apple Music contains over 36 million tunes while on the other hand Google Play Music contains just 30 million songs. Apple Music also dominates Google Play Music with radio. So with Apple music you get almost 6 million songs more compared to Google Play Music.

Three months Free Trial period

If you are using Google play Music you might know that Google play music gives you free trail for a month. You should now check on Apple Music, because it offers 3 months of free trail and after that you will be charged just $9.99 dollars for a month’s subscription.

Exclusive Content

There is no Exclusive Content in Google Play Music while this feature is present in Apple Music with Exclusive content we mean that any artist can exclusively publish their work at Apple Music.

Apple Music plays the videos for certain tunes

Google play Music shows music videos for tunes instead of static artwork but only in US while Apple Music plays music videos for top tunes across the world.

An innovative family sharing plan

Apple Music offers a family sharing plan for $14.99 a month in which you can add up to 6 users in a single subscription. Whereas in Google Play Music, you are allowed to use 10 devices on just one subscription but you are forced to use only one Google account to log in.

Apple is Linked with Siri

Apple’s digital assistant Siri is there to assist with Music in Apple Music. For example you can ask Siri to play Eminem’s ‘Rap God’ or Enrique’s ‘Heart Attack’ and it will do so instantly. On the other hand Google Play Music lags this feature.

A potential Connect

You can now follow your favorite artists and celebs with Apple Music’s Connect. To turn this feature on just head to Settings >General> Restrictions and turn on the Connect.

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