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Motorola Migrate App

Changing mobiles phone is really a huge headache because of all our important stuffs which are stored on the phone. When we buy a new Smartphone, the most important thing which is concerned is all our contacts, messages, emails, bookmarks, etc which are on the old phone. How are we going to transfer it to our new Smartphone, easily? Well, this is what you want. Motorola Migrate App. If you bought  any new Motorola smartphone, then you dont need to worry about data transfer because of you can it in few very simple steps.

As its name says, you can migrate your data from old phone to new Motorola phone. But there is a limitation, you can use this app for transferring data to only Moto X, Moto G, Droid Maxx, Droid Mini and Droid Ultra phones. However, there is no limitation from which phone you want to transfer. No matter which Android phone you were using, you can move data from any Android device to Motorola devices. Furthermore, it also supports iPhone to Motorola migration. If you dont know how to use this app or transfer data, do check this detailed guide for the same.

Motorola Migrate AppDownload Motorola Migrate App

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