Did you know about these 5 Features in WhatsApp

WhatsApp Hidden Features

WhatsApp has come with a new update for Android, which brings many exciting features for Android users on board. The update is only for Android and will later release for iOS and Windows Phones as well. This Updated version is even not available on Play Store so far, but you can download it (WhatsApp v. 2.12.200) from our Downloads Center.

Here is the list of 5 new features the latest update of WhatsApp comes with:

1. Mute Single Chats:

You were only able to mute group chats till now but with new WhatsApp you can mute chats for individual specific contacts as well, for 8 hours, for a month and even for a year. You will find the mute bar in About Menu. Get rid of notifications from unwanted contacts using this feature.

whatsapp mute chat screenshot

2. Mark as Unread:

The latest update bring Mark as Unread feature to WhatsApp, which you may have used in Gmail or Facebook. So using this feature you can mark any chats as unread, doesn’t matter if you have read them or no. But the state of message will be the same for the other person i.e. if you have read the message and marked it as unread, the message will show read to other person.

Basically you can just highlight important messages which you want to read later. You can easily mark a chat as Unread by tapping on chat and selecting ‘Mark As Unread’ feature. A green colored dot will appear on the chat and this would not change the order of conversations of WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Mark unread screenshot

3. Low Data Usage:

This feature is pretty good. Up till now WhatsApp calls have been consuming a lot of data, so this new feature is perfect for you if you use WhatsApp calls and feel a lot of your internet is being consumed by WhatsApp calls. Just tick the Low Data Usage option in Chat and Call Settings and cut down on data consumption during WhatsApp calls.

whatsapp data usage screenshot

4. Customization Options:

The new update comes with many new customization options to choose from, users can now set different notifications for specific contacts and also ringtones for calls and more. So distinguish between the special one and all others by keeping a specific ringtone for that contact.

Also you can select different light colors for notifications and vibrations, flash notifications and pop-ups for each contact. So keep pop-ups on for only one contact.

whatsapp customization screenshot

5. Google Drive Chat Backup and Sync:

WhatsApp currently backs up chats offline in phone’s memory or SD card, the new update bring online chat backup by syncing with Gmail account and backing up chats on Google Drive. Not only that you can also sync contacts, images, videos and more to Google Drive directly from WhatsApp. So you can access and also restore your chats from your Gmail account anywhere, any time.

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