Why is Windows 10 “the most secure Windows ever”

Windows 10 Family Protection

Windows 10 is the most discussed and awaited service. As its release comes near, Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned in promoting Windows 10 and telling people why they should upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft released a video recently telling the public ‘10 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10’. Now they are up with another video telling users the security benefits of Windows 10. They claim that Windows 10 is highly secure and is the most secure Operating System in the current market. Here is a complete list about security features of Windows 10:



Now SmartScreen is a feature which will protect you from online attacks like phishing, hacking, etc. Thus it will help you keep your data (passwords, identities and personal info) safe and secure. This feature is cloud based service which checks and scans websites and other 3rd party downloaded and installed software for threats and blocks access to the site and warns you for the same.

Family Protection Features:

Now with Windows 10 you can keep a check on what your child is doing if you have him an access to the system. You can also block adult websites and portals and also block other inappropriate stuff like games and apps which are not meant for your child. So as a parent you can control your child’s account and also keep a time limit for your child to access the PC. Also a child can’t make purchases from their account without parents access.

Windows 10 Family Protection

Windows Hello:

With Windows 10, Microsoft will introduce biometrics, Fingerprint scanning, Facial Recognition and Iris Scanning( this feature will be introduce in Microsoft Lumia 940/950 and Lumia 940 XL/950 XL) which will help users to easily access their accounts and system, without having the problem of remembering passwords of multiple accounts. You can logon to all Microsoft account with Windows Hello.

Windows Hello

Windows Defender:

Windows Defender will protect your system from malware which has capability to destroy your system, it is integrated into the OS and Defender as well is based on a cloud based service. Defender detects and eliminates malware before it attacks your system. It works on more than a billion devices with Windows installed in them.

These are some security-based features which clearly indicate that Windows 10 OS is a class apart and the most secure in the series of OS. WE have just listed the major features,  there are many more. Earlier Microsoft has been blamed for not making Windows secure to a satisfactory level. As majority of the world’s population uses Windows OS in their PC’s and systems, Windows is more prone and attracts more hackers than MAC OS, Linux, etc.

Windows Defender

Microsoft has however made ultimate essential advancements in security with Windows 10 and had earlier raised their level with Windows 8 as well. Cloud plays a major role is providing security with Windows 10 OS. Let wait for the release and find out. For further updates on Windows 10 keep a check on our website we will keep you updated.

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