How to choose a Trustworthy Data recovery service Provider

Stellar Data Recovery

The most important thing to initiate hard drive recovery is to identify a right service provider. You might find hundreds of companies endorsing their services and data recovery capabilities, but all professional do not have equal expertise in retrieving data from a drive or any other storage media device. Your selection is the most important factor that determines whether you will retrieve your lost data back from a damaged storage device after data recovery service. Here are a few tips that you must know to identify the right data recovery service provider to get safest and highest level of professional service to give you the best possible result.

Stellar Data Recovery

With continuously increasing demands of digital storage, Data recovery industry also has developed a lot; therefore, you will find hundreds of service options that claim to be data recovery. However, in reality few of them are authentic and credible; the consumers should consider few parameters before opting for data recovery services.

You can never predict reliability and reputation of a data recovery company through its website. Often it’s difficult to distinguish between an established recovery company and a small startup.


Stellar Data Recovery 1Unfortunately, the fee that a data recovery company charges matters a lot. There are many companies that offer comparatively very less amount of money to attract customers, but these companies lack technical expertise and required tools that are essential for data recovery services. Usually, a hard drive data recovery involves various operations, technical staff, logical analysis, physical parts replacement, transplantation of drive’s platters along with a clean room facility and many other expensive procedures to complete the work. At times, the technicians have to perform various operations and transplants before a successful recovery that costs a lot.  Therefore, if a company claims to be able to recover your lost data from a damaged in a few hundred rupees that means either they are lying or going to use most basic recovery processes on your hard drive.

Such type of companies do not have enough resources to provide you a successful recovery from a most damaged hard drive or give a small percentage of the data recovered by software applications. Therefore, you can’t even expect to handle the complex recovery cases from them. They give you various reasons for non-recovery to hide their flaws and these attempts put your valuable data at risk and make it non-recoverable.

Service history:

While selecting a professional data recovery company one must consider the inception time of a particular company. Usually, the established names in the data recovery field have been serving this industry for several years. Owing to which, they have a good track record of successful recovery and reputation in the market. Usually, small organizations just want to earn money and make a quick profit with this business without thinking about their reparation and the customer trust as they do not wish to stay in same business for a long time. Therefore, instead of selecting the company offering cheap services, it’s better to go with a company that has an impeccable track record of successful data recoveries.

Data Confidentiality:

Stellar Data Recovery 2When looking for reliable Data Recovery Company, one must check if they provide data confidentiality or not. The data can be misused and the customers should ensure the data recovery company provides non-disclosure agreement at the time they commit to provide data recovery.




Customer reviews are the most significant evidence you can trust while selecting a data recovery company. Each Data Recovery Service provider has a track record. You must have gone through this before selecting a data recovery firm.

It could be a more difficult to find a trustworthy data recovery company if you have a budget constraint or looking for a nearby location. But, ultimately the motto is to get the best company that has offers best chance to recover lost data even in the most complex cases.

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