10 Important Hidden Features of iOS 9 You Must Know About

iOS 9 Secret Features

4. Convert or Calculate Currencies on the go

The all new Spotlight is not just the search box. It does a lot of things. Apart from searching your phones, files, or web, You can even do difficult calculations or know the currency rates.

iOS 9 Spotlight

5. Photos selection by dragging finger

This is yet another task made simple. Now tapping to select multiple pictures is not required at all. Just select one image and drag / swipe your finger on others. The photos will be selected wherever your finger goes.

iOS 9 Selection

6. Find out Whats Eating up the Battery

There use to be some apps that keeps consuming the battery in background without your information or permission. If you are facing such problems, just go to Settings > Battery and find out which apps are those. Turn them off and save the power.

iOS 9 Battery

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