Android N Features Expectations

Android N Features

We all know that Google’s next major update will be ‘Android N‘, probably with version Android 7.0. As of now there are many names being expected to stand for ‘N’, but not sure. Well, we will come to know about its very soon when it gets released this year, probably at Google I/O.

Now, moving ahead, what do you think Google will bring with Android N? Or what features are we expecting to see with this new update? Since we have already got so many new features in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, there’s not much left to expect. Right? Actually Wrong. There’s a whole lot of things we need to see on future Android devices. I tried to list few of them here.

1. Option to select Dark or Light theme UI

Everybody doesn’t like the light theme, they do need the Dark theme as well. We have seen such options in custom themes of some manufacturers but it is not available natively in Android OS. Google however, introduced the Dark theme in Marshmallow but it was only in the Developer Previews but for some reason, they removed this option in Final release. There would be some reasons for Google, we dont know. But we expect it make come back in Android N.

Dark Theme

2. Native Multi Window Support

Just like above, even Multi Window was shown in the Marshmallow Developer options, but later removed. However, you can still Unlock Multi-Window in Marshmallow. Multi-Window comes very handy when it comes to Multi Tasking. We can see this feature on few big smartphones from Samsung, LG, etc. But would be greater with comes default with Android so that even mid range smartphone users can also take benefit from.

Multi Window

3. Customizable On-Screen buttons

The on-screen buttons usually are not at all customizable in Android. But we have seen the option in LG smartphones, such as G3 and later. It lets you change the style as well as Color of the three buttons (Home, back, Multitasking keys) at the bottom of the screen. Furthermore, it also lets us add or remove or change the order of the buttons. It appears very useful. Need something similar natively in Android N.

Customizable Buttons

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